Faith and Goodness

I reject the idea that the United States is somehow a God-neutral country. There’s no evidence in our founding to support the perpetuation of such an idea, much less an origination of it. At the same time, the very people arguing for a secularization of America are fighting a “moral” war. Where those morals are derived is anybody’s guess. Read more of this post

The Episode of the 4/20 Ghost – Operation: Media Matters Takedown

Media Matters, The Occupy Movement, Earth Day, Hippie Hill all make a day bizarre. The most unopenly transparent force in the world, the radical left, will not stand to be ridiculed. Fortunately, however, the Tea Party has someone like Allen West who won’t shy away from doubling down on his comments labeling the left exactly what they are: radicals. Wouldn’t he be a great vice president? I sure think so myself!!!

Listen in!