Another University Plays the Political Correctness Card

Radical secularists have been gnawing at the heals of religious people in this country for quite sometime in this country. People of faith are innately tolerant by the virtues of their own faith in this country, and it’s often why they come under attack the most.

There’s an old line that describes the situation with anything in life – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Well at Stony Brook, they did exactly that, behind the backs of the majority of the student body. For decades, the school calendar has included recesses from the normal class schedule on the two most important holidays in the Jewish Faith: Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanna. They have also scheduled the spring break to coincide with holy week – an extremely holy week on the Jewish Calander and the holiest week on the Christian Calander.

Effective in September, classes will be held during all of these times. Perhaps the most egregious offense by the university is to move the spring break week to makes sure it deliberately does not coincide with holy week. That time Jews and Christians use to spend with their families will stunningly be erased.

It could be argued that optional days be made of the two Jewish holidays in the beginning of the year, but the game changer for me is what they have decided to do with holy week . It’s spring break week, to people who don’t have a faith it doesn’t matter when that week is held. Therefore, only people of faith have punitive impacts from this. This is coming on a public campus, who’s student body identifies nearly 50% of itself with some form of Christianity, and if you add Judaism it’s over half.

This is a war on religion. Here’s the explanation from the university on why they are doing this:

New York’s Stony Brook University has decided to no longer cancel classes for major Christian and Jewish holidays in an effort to ensure that some religions aren’t given special treatment and to “afford equal support and equal respect to students and faculty from all faiths.”

I’ve said time and again that idea of equality in liberalism is equal intolerance. They do the same thing with income – we have to attack the rich as opposed to empowering the poor. In liberalism, the poor needs to be kept dependent so that they remain a critical liberal voting base. We don’t equalize things by tearing people don’t, we do it by empowering others to propel themselves forward. If this move had such a wide level of support amongst the student body, then why was this done in secret? Where was the email to the student body, who has to deal with changes like this in their lives at school, asking them for input?

It’s rather curious, and in particular the decision to move a spring break week that has absolutely no impact on the number of classes in the semester. It’s always been a nice courtesy to schedule while being mindful of a time when people of faith could most use the time off. In a publicly funded university that is subject to the laws of the US government which was ideally supposed to recognize the importance of religious freedom, this seems like a foot in the door for more radical cultural change in this country.

Be mindful of the fact that the only reason Christmas and Thanksgiving remain untouched for the time being is because of union contracts, not the administration of the university being mindful of religious freedom.

I call on all students as this university and elsewhere – if you believe in the freedom this country has to offer to take a stand regardless of what faith you are: christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, Hindu – anything. It’s time to stand up against this attack on the Jewish faith. I am not Jewish myself, no one in my family is Jewish either, but the time to stand is now, regardless of what faith you are, because it could be yours next. Stand in solidarity, and avoid class on these holy days. Make a statement.

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26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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