The Grassroots Etymology of Freedom

We hear an awful lot about the need to mobilize, and the importance it is for conservatives to be able to make a difference if America is to be restored again to a place that optimizes freedom. There are some people who don’t know where to start or what to do.

The response is very simple, no effort is too small. I’m glad that so many people are actively engaged in the presidential race right now – it is arguably the most important one of our time. There are also other areas where conservative voices are needed, and some of them aren’t even directly related to the political process. You have to remember that there are people in this country that are at war with the culture. They seek to change it be exerting influence at every possible level, from the universities to government and even to the streets.

To bring about real restoration in this country, it takes efforts both nationally and highly locally as well. I would like to continue to see conservative organizations at universities become more deeply involved in shining light on the darkness and intolerance that so often blitzes students for the entirety of their four year experience.

The most valuable message in the time we live in, is that any one of you out there is capable of having an impact by your presence, standing up for what you believe and being willing to challenge those who look to suppress you. In the age of the new media, the institutional left wing has a vulnerability that continuously drives them to the point of paranoia. Many of them are fearful of being exposed to public scrutiny. Conservative students have to be that window into the education system that is able to subject tenured professors to public scrutiny. After all a six figure education requires it, if they need so much of our money they need to be open and transparent about what they are teaching.

Too often the mistake people make is forgetting about the impact they can have just by focusing on the local level. If everyone was able to do that, we’d enact some of the most effective change that has ever hit this country. It’s important to start all the way down at the individual level and make sure that we have made ourselves the best we can be. That way we can optimize our influence on others and show Americans that our founders had the answers all along, and they devised a constitution to outline it.

No battle is too small if it means standing up and defending freedom.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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