The Pinnacle of Liberty vs. Tyranny Lies on November 2012

I think John Adams said it best: “The constitution was made for a moral and free people, it’s wholly inadequate for the governance of any other.” The whole idea behind the concept of a free nation is the willingness of its people to employ measures of self restraint. With freedom comes responsibility. Without responsibility comes tyranny. On the individual level we call that prison. At the state level we call it totalitarianism.

In order for a just and free society to exist the people not only strive to live moral lives but it only works if that are doing it without coercion. That is the one thing about Christianity that makes it so different from many other religions on Earth – you cannot force someone to have faith. They either love freely or they don’t. That’s the one thing we believe about God that in giving us free will that it was our responsibility to gravitate toward his will – not through outside pressure, but rather from our own impetus. Faith and love are the most whole and genuine when an individual can willingly and freely do so in the face of the opportunity not to do so.

There lies the biggest misunderstanding of the concept of Christianity and this country. Christianity at it’s core is innately tolerant (although there are examples in history in which individuals defected from that). So when our founders sewed its values into the fabric of this country they really wanted a place that maximized liberty – so that the goodness experienced by people who lived here was genuine and free. It is these values that make our people some of the most hospitable and charitable in the world.

Ever since the 60’s a generation of Americans has been fighting for a major paradigm shift. No, I’m not talking about the civil rights movement you msnbc perverts out there. I’m talking about the radicals who tried to co-opt their own movement off the momentum set forth by great people who preceded them – Ones who despised liberty but decided to use it to try and usher in it’s own demise. Their only claim to morality was the claim that they were “anti-war,” but if you didn’t know that about them you would actually see them for what they are.

We had a temporary reprieve when Reagan was elected, merely because the power fell out of their hands briefly, but these individuals loved to protest. They found their way into the universities, they got to the youth of this country and they corrupted them. Out of that you find the occupy movement.

These are the forces that the goodness is this country is at war with, and that our founders would have abhorred. Occupy is not a compromisable force, neither are any of their sympathizers. In the light of John Adams, the constitution is wholly inadequate for them, and they do soundly and openly reject it. The only recourse is to use our elections to defeat them. Barack Obama is the poster president for the occupy movement right now, a vote for him is a vote for more intolerance, less freedom and increased lawlessness in this country.

When Barack Obama’s refusal to oppose post-birth infanticide is considered less radical than Rick Santorum’s opposition to abortion, you know the morals of this country has flipped. We have two paths in 2012 – one that is wholly antithetical to liberty or one that is ruggedly individualistic and free. Let’s hope we all make the right one.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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