The Obama Oil Narrative

**UPDATE – Oh Wow, Even The AP is Reporting about How rising Gas prices are hurting the economy**

The remarkable trend that has become the niche of the Obama administration to seek accreditation for all positive things while passing culpability in anything negative continues with the oil issue. He touts the new drilling that has started in some parts of the country when they were really accomplishments of the Bush administration. When the economy sits in the tank however, that’s the former president’s fault though.

It’s obvious the that democrats and their media complex are in a panic when it comes to how to sell rising gasoline prices to their voting base in an election year. Americans should watch this very closely, because the next move this administration makes will be a political one that could greatly endanger this country should a future catastrophe hit.

As you may know, the United States maintains a strategic petroleum reserve, which essentially is a source of low cost oil that we have in case of an emergency supply shortage. The president is toying with releasing oil from this supply, which could have incalculable effects on our national security. We are not in a state of real crisis right now. The economic hardships we are going through were avoidable, but because we decided to go by way of Obama the last 4 years, we have hit some very hard economic times. All of this was predictable, it didn’t take a Nostradamus to figure out that rolling out failed Jimmy Carter era policies would fail again now.

So what positive effect will releasing Strategic Petroleum Reserve have on our economy?

Almost none. Prices in the energy industry are set by futures. In laymen terms we are talking about the prospects that there will be an available and affordable supply. Releasing a finite amount of oil into the system will do nothing to affect the future supply of it in the country. You may see a brief 1-4 day dip in gas prices from the administration taking this action. In the end however, the incredibly cheap fuel will be eaten up and sold at a higher price later on by those hoping to make money off the sale. So that incredibly short dip in prices will be followed by a rather sharp and prolonged rise.

The conservative answer to this problem has been very simple and apologetically so. Until there is a viable clean energy solution available we have to do whatever we can to increase the supply of petroleum, and yes that means drill. That doesn’t mean we are going to excoriate the idea of offering clean energy solutions, but even common sense dictates that the technology of algal blooms is far from being a sound alternative. Additionally, the failure of solyndra remains a reminder to the rest of us, that we can’t force a transition faster than the available technology will allow for. If you do that, the end result will be you and the remaining taxpayers being scammed once again.

So as a conservative myself, I am not ashamed to say that drilling is a sound, short term solution. Of course it will take a few years for us to see a real impact from it, but the left said the same thing to us 30 years ago. If we actually did it back then, we wouldn’t have needed to have the conversation years ago. They try to make it sound like conservatives have been advocating an idea that doesn’t work for so long, and present it in that connotation. In actuality the reason many of us sound like broken records on the issue is because we have never really put the proper investment into this strategy. It would have taken tremendous amounts of pressure off the energy industry and maybe even made it easier for us to devote time looking into cleaner energy solutions for the long term.

As long as the left play political games with this issue, the whole economy will suffer at the behest of it. Increased transportation costs spike the prices of almost everything, and people will notice it more and more in the years to come under leftist policies.

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