The Media’s War on Freedom

It’s hard to have the patience anymore put up with the majority of the information that is emitted by the mainstream media complex in this country. We have a double standard that has manifested itself to the point of absurdity as it has to do with how conservatives are viewed versus the blind eye to the radical left.

When Rush Limbaugh misstates something once, he immediately becomes a misogynist, but when the Reverend Al Charpton makes a career out of it he gets a prime-time show on msnbc to lecture the nation about racial unity and tolerance.

The reality of the situation is that offensive and intolerant behavior has been a trademark of the radical left. If you happen to be a dissenter in one of their prized minority groups who they basically just pander to for votes, then you are cast away. Look at Allen West who has been accosted in some of the most grotesque ways simply for being a conservative.

Andrew Breitbart said it best at CPAC this past February: “We’re tired of having to be apologetic for who we are,” and “they have held over our heads with contempt the false narrative of their innate tolerance.” The same people who are busy accosting conservatives for being bigoted are in fact the most profligate bigots themselves. This is the story of the mainstream media double standard that has built itself so overtly in the last several years.

One of the biggest examples of leftist that simply makes no sense is how they’ve countered the whole energy issue charge. The only thing they ever tell you is that the reason we can’t approve things like keystone is because it’s not a sufficient solution. At the same time everything they have proposed lies in the realm of improbability or even abject failure (does solyndra come to mind, eh?). How Barack Obama is able to get away with offering algae as a clean energy solution on national media without even being questioned on it is downright appalling.

This should be the easiest campaign conservatives have ever had to run. The Barack Obama presidency is completely built up by straw men and fake empathy for middle class Americans. The reality of his message is racial division and class warfare — not even on behalf of the middle class. His America not only tears down the rich, but it brings on the eventual abolition of middle income Americans to an America that is wholly dependent on government. Even the programs we have now actually have stipulations in them that prevent people dependent on them from ever being able to improve their own lives.

Let’s just grandfather everyone into the universities on low-cost education so they can all learn how to not work, but rather to wallow in self-pity while sticking it to the man in a filthy occupy-infested park. How much more liberty are you willing to contract? The government aids and abets wall street corruption, creates the problem themselves through it’s own imposition on them, people then protest wall street and never realize that government was the entire problem to begin with. It’s a fantastic scheme.

Welcome to the mainstream media’s double standard. Be the new media and help America stand up to this travesty.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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