The Danger of Bureaucrats Mandating Drug Availability

Of all the criticism that has arisen in the birth control controversy, there is still one area where I feel conservatives haven’t adequately touched on some of the important arguments. The institutional left is trying the hardest they can to turn this into a contraception issue targeting women’s health and it’s not. Conservatives need to stop entertaining that discussion because that’s not where the debate lies and it’s one you’d lose if you decided to make it that up against the majority of Americans today. Read more of this post

Debate issues as it Pertains to the Country, Don’t Rewrite my Faith!

I’m referring to an article I spotting on “, “ which sounds like a retrograding and decomposed blog rather than a reliable news site. I want you to look at an excerpt of this article:

“As Catholics who are involved in lesbian and gay ministry and outreach, we are aware that many people, some of them Catholics, believe that Catholics cannot faithfully disobey the public policies of the church’s hierarchy. But this is not the case,” they wrote. “Like Govs. Andrew Cuomo in New York and Pat Quinn in Illinois…Govs. Martin O’Malley and Christine Gregoire are acting against the strongly expressed opposition of their church’s bishops.” Read more of this post

George Allen Speaks at CPAC – YAF Luncheon

He is a Great American and patriot. If you live in Virginia, please support his election bid in the US Senate.

The HHS Mandate and the First Amendment

The first amendment battle in this country is starting to become more and more apparent as I observe some of the political discourse in this country. It is imperative that people recognize it’s significance or this will become another right, one of our most important ones,  that dissolves in the front of our eyes.

The impetus toward addressing this topic now is result of the religious freedom attack coming directly from the Barack Obama health care plan who’s HHS mandate directly violates conscience laws of individuals in this country. Read more of this post

Florida has selected Mitt Romney, Conservatism is under Attack

By a more than decisive margin, we have seen Mitt Romney run away with the Florida primary. Now it’s no secret that I haven’t exactly been thrilled with Romney and that doesn’t change after tonight either.

Simply put – I think he’ll be the full and complete undoing of conservatism as we know it. Read more of this post


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