Florida has selected Mitt Romney, Conservatism is under Attack

By a more than decisive margin, we have seen Mitt Romney run away with the Florida primary. Now it’s no secret that I haven’t exactly been thrilled with Romney and that doesn’t change after tonight either.

Simply put – I think he’ll be the full and complete undoing of conservatism as we know it.

I have more than offered arguments for why Romney is not qualified to be president. The only thing he really has to tout is his private sector experience, which he has a right to be proud of. No true conservative resents his own personal success. What I find remarkable, however, is what follows with his personal record as a politician. It is far from impressive.

In 1994, Mitt Romney ran against Ted Kennedy in the Senate as a liberal, progressive, anti-Reagan republican and lost. He’s also strongly emphasized in the past that as a moderate he would never approve of things like Contract for America, which was instrumental in the republican take back of the legislature during the Clinton era.

For the first time in over two years, the generic congressional ballot polling is in favor of the democrats according to a Rasmussen poll. This is remarkable and once again is evidence of the lost momentum that the conservative moment has seen in recent days. Plain and simply put moderates destroy the movement. How do you think 2008 came about? Not only did we have people upset with the poor performance of President Bush in the closing years of his presidency, but we had the worst senile moderate you could ever run in that election. These kind of things drain enthusiasm out of movements. You can argue that president Obama is very beatable and that is true. How does a Rockefeller republican stack up to the hundreds of millions set to be poured out in Obama campaign ads?

No matter how you spin it, Romney will not able to fully answer for what he did in Massachusetts. Romney-care is an exact example of what is wrong with many of our politicians today. Thanks to Rick Santorum for proving that point last week.

Another thing that we exposed from Mitt Romney was how willing he was to take “unilateral power” in his state to help streamline supposed government waste. It sounded remarkably and eerily similar to something Barack Obama wants to do as president. The amazing thing is the fact that no one had called Romney out on it at any point following the comments he had made in the New Hampshire debate. Use of extra-constitutional authority like that in any context should rightly alarm conservatives, but apparently it’s just not one of those things that is convincing enough for people to catch on to.

While I hope I’m wrong in this prediction, I personally believe Mitt Romney’s nomination is a lose-lose scenario.

Scenario one- Romney loses to Obama in the general election. Obama has 4 more years to run rampant and without fear of needing to seek re-election. The economy progressively gets worse and America fundamentally changes.

Scenario two- Romney pulls off the win, but in all likelihood does not have the courage to see the repeal of Obamacare all the way through. The popularity of his presidency then from a whole host of non-repaired issues significantly dropped, and the republican party sees a huge hit from it as a result, with a likely repeat of 2008 in 2016.

Prove me wrong ladies and gentlemen- but I believe that this election and the success of the conservative movement hinges on a Santorum miracle.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

4 Responses to Florida has selected Mitt Romney, Conservatism is under Attack

  1. buyaka says:

    Good piece, like always:)

    I want to put this down right here to make the make WHY SANTORUM, b/c i agree, anythign short of a comeback by Santorum to win the nomination, and we’re id DEEP trouble–and its what the progressives, from soros to the media to the democrat party, are hoping for–a matchup with a moderate to liberal republican (mitt), or a deeply flawed quasi-conservative (newt), or a bat**** crazy one (paul). the ONLY scenario that will piut traditional conservative republican values against the chicago-alinsky-radicals in SANTORUM. now, here’s my case…first, the drawbacks to the 2 first mentioned (paul can be a spoiler but not possible to win–at most he gathers 20% of the republican “base” b/c we ARE so upset, but realistically the 7% in florida is about right)…then WHY SANTORUM!

    1) why not mitt? as mentioned in this article, romneycare takes obamacare off the table, pure and simple. our #1 galvanizing issue, the SYMBOL and SUBSTANCE of the obama presidency, it wrapped up in that 1 issue–too much govt, too much spending, too high taxes, arrogance of “deem and pass” and a host of array of other measured used to cram it down the American peoples’ throats. I believe romney wants to repeal it, b/c if its going to be universal healthcare, he wants it under HIS banner, not 0bama’s. just like big govt repubs, they think they can be dem-lite and “do it better”. didnt we learned our lessons with “W”? i actually admire GW and think very highly of him, but several big govt ideas that came out of his WH were terrible for conservatism and smaller govt. so not only does romney take away our biggest issue we have runnign against obama, but his style of governing (as also discussed above) IS big govt progressive, moderate. when soros says there is no difference between him and romney, just the crowd they bring, RED FLAGS AND WARNING BELLS SHOULD GO OFF!! then what about the fact that obama is already running against mitt? well, the old addage goes “if my enemy doesnt like x, y, or z, then i must be for him!” and theyre actually PLAYING YOU if you believe they DONT want to go up against romney! with the exception of newt, romney is the easiest of the bunch, despite what i think to be faux polls. the polls are a representation of what establishments in both parties, aligned with the media, want you to think. DO BE DUPED. here’s one last factor to consider–the in-fighting between newt and mitt is so bad that if EITHER of these guys wins, the base is going to be splintered and fractured. so not only would mitt take obamacare off the table, but the republican base would be sorely damaged. as i will explain below, ditto that for newt. THE ONYL ONE WHO CAN RISE ABOVE THE PETTY POLITICS, and this time not only from a conservative standpoint, but a PRACTICAL one, it SANTORUM. i am jumping the gun here by talking about WHY SANTORUM, but it ties into why NOT ROMNEY. no number of indpends is going to make up for a fractured base.

    2) how about newt? NO NO, HELL NO. i was actually on newt’s bandwagon after cain dropped out, for most of december. i have chronicled a little bit of why before, but basically, the “new” newt is indeed the “old” newt. those bags havent been unpacked, just shoved aside. i dont know whether we’d see another personal moral dilemma with newt, but its happened not once, but twice before, and couple that with his vengeful, spiteful angry hissy fits following iowa (hey, i was upset at romney and paul too by the way, but if i were going to be pro-newt, the way he responded lost me)…well, you DO get the image of an unhinged candidate. Furthermore, he has such huge negatives with both women and independs, that its a tough sell. MAYBE if the base was gung ho, MAYBE he’d be worth considering over romney. but as Michelle Malkin pointed out and has come to conclusion (better late than never) that Santorum is her guy, she made the point very succinctly about all of this, and pointing out newt’s dalliances witht he left over the years, it gives to much pause too much concern to really seriously support newt if you subscribe to the traditional “buckley” rule of supporting the best conservative WHO CAN WIN. i think with obama, anyone has a shot. but we need to choose carefully. mitt and newt are too flawed in various ways. and ill end int he same way as with romney–the fact that he has also gone nuclear and “carpet bomber” (to use his own phrase) to the extent that he can with less money, newt has also fractured the republican base. a newt win, and at this point that’d be a surprise, will leave many romney supporters to stay home or vote 3rd party. coupled with lower indpend and women support, you have THE WORST candidate running vs. obama. its time to cross newt off our list for a viable, electable candidate. yes, he’s won some conservative victories over the years, and he’s got a lot of good ideas. but he’s too smart for his own good (why he gets bored with conservatism and goes left-wing at times, i am convinced), and carries way too many negatives both within and outside the party. only a UNITED republican party stands a chance!

    3) WHY SANTORUM!!!! ok, here we go! besides being the most principled, consistent conservative, he has the highest positives of any candidate in the campaign and he gets the support of both most newt and mitt supporters when asked if their guy wasnt the nominee who they’d support. or you hear “i like rick, but he’s got no money and he’s young so he can run again”. well i say, hate to use this term, but carpe diem. if you liek him, then send him $20 and volunteer! this is what i have done int he last 2 weeks, signing people up to get rick on the ballot in my state. get on the social media, call a radio station, voice your support! all it takes is a solid 10% of ANY population to start a movement. Well, rick has a solid 15% going right now, and i would say 10-15% of the total base from both newt and mitt camps who would support santorum enthusiastically, but are hesitant b/c they dont want to ‘waste” their vote. Understandable, but if all of you people who LIKE rick and want to support him, woudl just DO IT, we would not only be competitive with romney, but actually overtake him as the top candidate in terms of support. 15+10+10 = 35…AT MINIMUM. romney is still mired in the 25-30 range nationally. Do the math, and DO THE SUPPORT! Santorum is the ONYL one (and i hate using that term b/c i am sick and tired of hearing ti with paulbots saying he’s the only constitutionalist, or romney is the onyl one who can beat obama, etc)…but i truly, sincerely think he’s the only one who can UNITE our party, where even though mitt and newt supporters would be disappointed if their guy didnt win, but would still happily support Rick, and hence, give us the best chance in the general election by having the base intact and ready to go kick some obama tail! Furthermore, his platform is designed to address problems facing ALL americans, including and often forgot about, blue collar areas of our nation. hence, rick woudl not only unite the base, but also reach out reasonably well with independs and even reagan dems. all we need is a solid base and a guy who not only doesnt alienate the indpend voter or have a wide gender-gap, but actually is a positive in those areas, even if its slight. 2-1 indends are upset with obama. but newt will alienate them. if half of the voters (women) are 2-1 against newt, we lose there too. both newt and mitt bring a fractured base (its not so simple this year, combining the teaparty and grassroots anger and the democrat-like attacks of both newt and mitt, 2012 will be armageddon if either of those 2 guys is the nominee).

    But I dont stop there. lets close the door with his supposed weaknesses, the social issues. i think this is an easy pivot, as ive highlighted before. 1) in terms of abortion and marriage, both of rick’s stances are the majority of opinion in America, so no loss there. 2) on personal preferences like contraception, he clearly states thats his own personal choice and doesnt believe laws should be made about them. 3) hey, rem its the economy stupid? so mr obama, when you try to raise these things (or your surrogates in the media), 1–we will challenge the basis and state clearly we are for life, but 2–“there you go again” talking about issues that we arent raising and that the American people are focused on jobs jobs jobs.

    Lastly, i want to address rick’s so-called weakness on earmarks, something that gives pause to teapartiers. he did try to get as much tax $$ returned to his state, true, and it was a time before these were largely raised as issues. but as a rep for his state, he should be fighting for their tax dollars returned if you believe in lowering taxes (its a round about way, not as good as actually tax cuts, which he was for, and fought to reduce spending of the earmarks like paul did, but if theyre going to spend it, better him than it going to liberals). We dont have the perfect candidate, not even reagan was perfect. But rick is by far the best we have in terms of being the most closely aligned to reagan in ideas and character, and the ability to build a coalition like reagan did with true conservative values on fiscal, social, and foreign policy…the 3 legs of reaganism that won 2 landslides, and against an arguably BETTER president in carter than the current occupier of the WH (pun intended). obama represent the 0.1%ers…WE ARE THE 99.9%ers! santorum gives us the best chance to win, hence, HE IS THE MOST ELECTABLE, and happens to have the principles and values and conviction to stand up to big money (he’s done that in the republican primary–ideas & PEOPLE trump money when done right, and vs. obam all of our cand’s will be at a huge disavd, so we better pick someone who has the guts and character and principles to make their case even against such odds).

    SANTORUM SURGE 2.0!!! and here we go!!!

    • buyaka says:

      *make the case…haha, needed some coffee this morn, wasnt quite awake yet😉

      • Ryan G says:

        hahaha, I love reading your comments always so thorough and intelligent. I appreciate it. The point that Rick Santorum has always argued on the earmark issue, btw is that constitutionally it is the job of the congress to appropriate money -in fact it is the only place that any kind of federal spending is constitutionally allowed to originate from. So the important point he made is not to attack one of the mechanisms in which money is allocated, but rather call people out when they misappropriate funds. The reason John McCain talked about earmarks constantly is because as a moderate, that was the only issue he could direct people to, because he, not unlike Romney now, had no real conservative fiscal record to begin with.

  2. buyaka says:

    Thanks Ryan! the admiration is mutual…sorry for the typos (first thing into work, no coffee, still waking up but mind flooded with a million thoughts and i suffer from slight dyslexia from 2 concussions I sustained years ago). i wish there was an edit button😉

    keep up your good work, i think we’re going to turn the tide, each of us doing our small parts. I think half of newt’s supporters would bolt for santorum, and as much as 25% of mitt’s would, if the case is continually made and we pick up a little steam. a large segment of romney’s support, i’d venture as much as half, are true conservatives that feel like they had to settle. they arent so much RAH RAH ROMNEY as meh meh, ok. if santorum were to surge again, and i DO think its starting…he’s been picking up support steadily since newt re-surged following NH going into SC…i think it will snowball and santorum will be the conservative challenger to romney, and only some die-hard newties will remain with him, i’d say about what you saw in iowa and NH, about 10-15%…essentially flip flop with where santorum is today. i think that romney losing 25% of his voters to santorum as he surges, b/c they would prefer a true conservative who doesnt have the gingrich baggage, and frankly is a lot more likeable than newt, will put santorum in the lead, much as perry, cain, and newt were before. Santorum saw a good bump from the iowa results, leveled off a little, while newt soared due to tapping into the solid conservative passion whoa re looking for anyone but a moderate (and by extension and even more passionately, anyone but a socialist)…but santorum has a solid 15% base to work from, and he’s going to work now on both newt and mitt supporters by being the positive, principled, conservative choice a majority of republicans are searching for. we all wish our “favorite” guy (or gal) were running right now, but the reality is, this is our field, these are our choices. in a way, santorum being the last real conservative without baggage SHOULD make our choice easy. and those who realize the prize is a switch in the WH, WILL indeed support the eventual nominee, but our battle for putting in a true conservative AND who can win (and ive made my case why santorum IS the right choice), is NOW…not after the primaries!

    so if youre with me (looks out to the crowd, hehe)…there’s plenty of room for everyone on the SANTORUM EXPRESS, think about the future of our country, dig deep and give santorum the surge in both moral support and financial support he needs, and this coutnry needs, to roll back the moderate & leftist agendas paralyzing and crippling our Republic!


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