Random thoughts: Coutler,Beck and MSM; A pattern of distaste

Congratulations S.C., You picked Newt Gingrich by a wide margin… Take that MSM!

Thus begins this little story featuring the blatantly distasteful antics of Coutler, Beck and MSM…

I am beyond tired of these three things, Especially when I hear this kind of rhetoric from Ann Coutler:

That’s just a warm up,Folks but it also proves a point.

She is not unlike the rest of this threesome. All of them are either diluted in their own mindsets or they really do think that You, the Voter are stupid dunderheads that have no clue of what’s good for you.. Racist Bigots,etc. etc…

Sounds like Michelle Obama telling you how to feed and care for your kids cause she’s the better parent doesn’t it?

Explain to me how Romney is such a conservative once again? Better yet, lets have him explain how great he is!

Ah,Yes! See? That’s clearly how conservative he is..That explains everything!

Wait?? He said what again? WHOOPS! Sorry, Glenn Beck was screaming about Ron Paul or something about how evil Newt was again…

Now we all know S.C. voters are really fools and racist,etc. now ,Right Martin?!

Yea, starting to see a pattern yet? Let’s look back into the past with Ann once again, Shall we?

Hmmm, Ann is starting to sound like this Gal and her Pal’s:

Talk about a pattern of disgust (and confusion as well)…. I’m not the biggest fan for Newt but c’mon! REALLY???

Hey, Mia, Meet Ann and you two , Go see Glenn in Texas and have dinner ,Martin just might foot the bill… THANKS!

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CO-Host and the resident Big-Headed worthless fool guy on The American Beacon Radio Show heard LIVE here and on http://FGRN.net .. Supposedly, being all that will be the death of me,Fate accepted! I also work in Pro Wrestling..See there?? I'm always tempting fate! Email: BillMcMicheals@theamericanbeacon.com Twitter: @billmcmicheals .

2 Responses to Random thoughts: Coutler,Beck and MSM; A pattern of distaste

  1. buyaka says:

    ive been p*ssed at coulter for a while now, she is screechy and arrogant and rude, and now, stupid apparently. when she was in love with christie didnt bother me too much, i like christie a lot too in terms of taking the fight to the unions and other good conservative ideals–but he’s anything but on a variety of social issues. i think he’d be the first to admit though, that he isnt as conservative on those things. ok fine and well and good. ann coulter, proclaiming romney (and christie for that matter) are across the board, reagan conservatives, is appalling. one of the things that defines you as a conservative is being honest. i can somewhat forgive beck b/c i think he truly believes newt is s@t@ns brother or something (weird, but you’d have to think that based on his recent commentary). i dont agree with him, but i can understand his hatred of newt. coulter is also wrong, but in a way that is dem-like. i also have a HUGE problem with her recent book “demonic” when she bashed MLK. the pairing of those 2 are odd (beck and coulter) b/c beck basically worships the concept of MLK. but then again, coulter was rumored to have a fling/thing with bill maher, so strange bedfellows arent the exception for her. i tend to like MLK, his peaceful demonstrations, and non-violent protests. fighting for equal rights is NOT demonic, its actually biblical. we’re all equal int he sight of God. rem that, coulter? she has a point about “mob mentality” but using MLK as the punching bag is highly questionable at best.

    lastly, i also agree–in not a HUGE newt fan, but he is NOT a progressive in the term the left uses it (sorry beck, youre dead wrong). yes i know about his quotes saying he admires various leftist presidents, but i think beck of all people should be wary about taking things out of context. i dont like the fact he cites them for support of his ideas–the most i would ever say is “they were one of our nation’s presidents, there’s always something to be learned from any leader–both from the good and the bad–and at best i would say maybe some of them had a noble intention (ie, the war on poverty), but the ideas about getting there were flat out wrong and our country has paid the price for those various leftist agendas”. i think newt was mostly giving praise to those people from a historical context, again i dont fully agree, but as a member of the house he did NOT throw in with clinton on a variety of leftist agendas–yes maybe compromised sometimes–but he was the one who steered the president towards the moderate and even conservative positions (which ended up getting clinton re-elected mind you), not vice versa so much. yes he’s had his share of bone-headed and sometimes flat out wrong un-conservative moments (pelosi, global warming, too much govt at times, etc)…but he is not a marxist/socialist/progressive. he is a shade more conservative then romney on most issues, but he did fumble it badly (IMHO due to the “old” newt of angry, bitter, vengeful newt) after iowa when he attacked romney on bain (thankfully he backed off of the anti-cap type stuff and started mainly questioning the business model about job creation since romney, somewhat usefully, proclaimed he created 100K+ jobs). personally, im a SANTORUM supporter, but any of these 3 guys will get my vote in nov. NONE of them are progressive, marxist, socialist. for coulter and beck to go to the extremes they have, i hope hurts them in the pocket book and public opinion on the conservative side, maybe that will get their attention about how wrong they have been (and useful idiots they have been to the left).

  2. Bill McMicheals says:

    Well said, once again ,Buyaka! My sentiments exactly!! BTW I found a piece of glass to nominate just in case something happens though😉 Santorum, Gingrich and then Romney = No Obama. Those are my picks for me. I agree, Glad Newt dropped (more the most part) the Bain thing but don’t worry, The MSM have just gotten his tax returns that he released this morning..I am sure we will hear how evil Romney is for making a good living and not paying his fair share, etc etc.. I also hope they enjoy Gingrich’s Contract with Freddie Mac too, pretty easy to read and understand, Here’s a PDF link to it: http://www.healthtransformation.net/galleries/default-file/FreddieMacAgreement.pdf . Here’s some links to the Romney Tax returns and the initial MSM look-through: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/mitt-romney-releases-tax-returns/2012/01/23/gIQAj5bUMQ_story_1.html . See if you notice any hint towards what i said about it above in this comment… P.S MLK was a great man and according to his own family, He happened to be Conservative.

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