New Years 2012 Message

Here we are, this is it. All the talk that has gone on for months if not years has to meet action. The year 2012 is upon us. The question “is it 2012 yet?” is now going to be answered with an urgent and emphatic YES. Now I must ask: are you ready?

Christmas was my call to examine faith and refocus on the amazing gift of life and begin the shift away the darkest of death. This was a personal examination and a family celebration. Now we need to turn toward our lives and renew our focus on the issues that affect not only our lives but our children’s.

Regardless of what happens I know one thing for sure – this year will go down in history. The direction and what it happens to be known for in the end is all up to the people. We are in the midst of the most important election in the modern era of this country. The next round of leadership will literally control the fate of America in so many ways.

We are at an extraordinarily dangerous crossroads between the dangers of tyranny and the ever fading hope of freedom that as Americans we were called to defend.

There’s only one way to change this country, and that is to restore it. In order to do so must start with themselves, locally, not unlike what the tea party did in 2009. In fact, now more than ever, the tea party resurgence is needed to foster pride in what America was founded on. Faith in God, love for one another, and the opportunity for everyone to achieve great things so long as one work’s hard.

Conservatives must rally around the defeat of Barack Obama in November regardless of how the primary goes. Ideally, strike Romney, Huntsman and Paul from the list and pick the candidate who your most comfortable with in the primary. Once the general election hits, it’s a whole new ball game. The attention much shift to that absolute abject failures of this deplorable administration at the hands of countless CZARS, the serial Perjurer Eric Holder, the morally and ethically defunct congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and the inevitable bankruptcy that Barackonomics promises the next generation of Americans.

That list alone barely scratches the surface of the damage Barack Obama’s presidency has done for this country. With China at our throats and Iran on it’s way to nuclear capabilities we need a leader who is true small-government conservative, while at the same time being an unwavering and principled leader of the free world.

I truly fear for this country if drastic measures are not taken to reduce bureaucracy an eradicate waste. Americans have an incredibly important job to do this year, and it starts with the individual. Have a Happy and Blessed New Year.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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