My thought’s on Herman Cain leaving GOP race and the future

Well, It Happened as we feared it would…

Herman Cain has suspended his campaign bid for the nomination of the G.O.P. I watched as He announced it today, with supporters outside standing his office in Atlanta,Ga this afternoon, it was a somber moment.

Some were saying he wasn’t leaving, others already knew it. His time in the hunt was over.

With all the allegations of sexual misconduct and the latest (in my opinion.The biggest B.S. story of the year) accusation of a woman claiming a 13 year long affair (You know, While he was on Chemo Therapy and all…) and the constant attacks from both sides of the political spectrum, it was inevitable. I do honestly believe he just didn’t want to put his family though anymore of the crap.

I guess the worst part of this is that the MSM has successfully picked apart a candidate that could have been a viable contender in the 2012 elections against Obama, much less the G.O.P. Primary.

Then again, His campaign manager didn’t help matters much and as much as I really like Herman Cain, It may have been Herman Cain himself in the end that took out Herman Cain.

He’s just too nice and yes, dare I say not a politician, which is sad to say.

It makes me wonder whom may be next is the MSM battle plan as they have wanted Romney to go against Obama from the very get go.

Newt can take it and I’ll pull for him myself now, I like Michelle Bachmann but she’s just not that viable against Obama in the general election. That’s the cold hard truth!

Herman was at one point and with the latest polls now for Newt Gingrich, it very obvious that the better choice in removing Obama from his office in 2012 would be Gingrich and maybe (I stress maybe) Romney.

Yes, I have said I would vote with my conscious.. Just read on!

In the end, I’ll say it again, just like Mark Levin said: “I’ll support an Orange Juice Can over Obama!”

I do fear after seeing this transpire, that either we as conservatives get our acts together and focus on the true goal of defeating Obama in 2012 or we will see, without a doubt four more years of this “Hope and Change”!

In fact, I’ll go one farther, we may see a return of the Democrats majority in Congress and Nancy Pelosi as your Speaker again!

Can we really afford that? I don’t think so! The future of this country is at stake.

So, fellow “Conservatives”, What say you?

I say ENOUGH of the games with the attacks within and the allowance of the MSM dictating this upcoming election!

By the way I gotta ask this question: Where is my Tea Party?

About Bill McMicheals
CO-Host and the resident Big-Headed worthless fool guy on The American Beacon Radio Show heard LIVE here and on .. Supposedly, being all that will be the death of me,Fate accepted! I also work in Pro Wrestling..See there?? I'm always tempting fate! Email: Twitter: @billmcmicheals .

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