Herman Cain not helping his own Cause

A comedy of errors. That’s exactly what you can summarize the Cain campaign’s execution of its plan in the republican presidential race. Quite frankly the media is capable of doing that to people, and honestly if that was his only issue, maybe he’d have a chance. Even his public appearances and interviews now have gone from good to bad to worse.

Most supporters of Cain were already understanding of some of his national security shortfalls. We don’t expect people to be perfect, nor do we expect them to be experts. It is, however, paramount to have a well-researched and informed opinion. I don’t care who you are, but simply saying that you will surround yourself with smart people is not good enough. Especially when your interviews turn out a lot more like this.

First of all before I go to the national security point here’s the quote from him on public sector unions when asked about if they should have collective bargaining:

CAIN: Yes, but not collective hijacking. Now what I mean by that is if they have gotten so much for so many years and it’s going to bankrupt the state, I don’t think that’s good. And it appears as if in some instances they really don’t care and so I do believe that collective bargain but I think that there should be some facts that we should look to relative to collective bargaining such that it doesn’t force a state into bankruptcy- … -but yes I favor collective bargaining.

INTERVIEWER: Would you favor collective bargaining for federal employees?

CAIN: They already have it don’t they?

INTERVIEWER: no they don’t.

CAIN: They have unions..

Honestly, I don’t think Cain even knows what collective bargaining is because if he did, there would be no way he could support it and call himself a conservative. Well Mr. Cain, here’s the definition for you: “A method of negotiation in which employees use authorized union representatives to assist them.” An awful lot of this goes on in some of the private sector unions, but in many cases this is explicitly prohibited in much of the public sector to prevent work stoppages in areas of essential employment. Having said that, unions still garner an enormous amount of power in the public sector something Mr. Cain seems to be completely unaware of. As someone running for president there is just no excuse for missing a question like this.

The answer Cain gave on Libya was even worse. I won’t go through the text of it but he had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. He didn’t even understand exactly what president Obama had done enough to take a side on it. Then he broke into his political non-speech about needing to have all the facts and how he would assess the situation and support ousting Gaddafi. All of it turned out to be a big circle around a question that he ended up getting about as wrong as a conservative could ever have gotten. That answer should have been very simple. It was a stupid move to go in there, and if you want to see the glaring success in that country look no further than the Al Qaeda flags flying from within the country.

The national security questions that he is completely failing on are not even all that difficult for anyone with a little common sense to answer. It’s very frustrating to watch, because he was my favorite candidate at one time but I just can’t figure out why I would support him if that’s the effort he puts into his knowledge of the issues. This is the most fidgety I have ever seen him in an interview. It’s almost like he’s worried about saying something the people won’t like in hopes that he’s just out there saying things we want to hear. Politicians who do that have a very low success rate because the people can see through insincerity very quickly. I want someone who has well-researched convictions. Someone who doesn’t care about what people think of him because he has values he’s standing up for. You do that and then the people will decide whether or not they agree with you, but don’t pander to an audience. We’ve had enough of those kind of leaders.

I have no doubt in my mind that Herman Cain is a kind compassionate man in person. His glaring ignorance on the national stage is something that cannot be suited for someone in the office of the president. As Erick Erickson suggested a long time ago: maybe it’s time for Herman Cain to drop out of the presidential race and challenge Saxby Chambliss in the Georgia Senate race. It’d be a much better fit for him. In the meantime, Newt is the one who’s been rising while Romney remains stagnant.

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  1. kokayi137 says:

    Your response was very balanced. I like it.

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