Mark Block Embarrasses the Cain Campaign with Disastrous Lie

As if Herman Cain needed any more negative publicity, his own campaign director was caught literally fabricating a story line in a PR scramble against the bombardment of harassment allegations. While I have stated on numerous occasions that I feel there is sufficient evidence to support Cain’s innocence, the only way to come to that conclusion would be through the truth. The media is the chief architect of inventing news stories, everyone already knows that. There’s no reason for us to do it, there’s enough actual fact out there to acquit Cain and distance him from the allegations brought forth by the four accusers.

The most recent one to go public was Karen Kraushaar. This allegation surrounded something Cain had supposedly said to her that made her feel uncomfortable. She never really wanted to go public or get involved in the mess but was forced to when her name was leaked out by the media. Now she worked in the treasury department underneath a man who was appointed back during the Bush administration, and some conservative sources tried to exploit some connection she supposedly had with Obama.

As if that wasn’t bad enough the Cain campaign, under the direction of Mark Block, goes public with a claim that Karen was the mother of a politico reporter, Josh Kraushaar. As The Right Scoop points out, Mark even went on television claiming that they had CONFIRMED this connection. So not only was he factually incorrect, but then he lied on top of it.

It wasn’t just that Josh no longer worked for politico. He also wasn’t even related to Karen at all!

It’s difficult enough to have to spend the majority of your time on the campaign trail trying to fight off sexual harassment/assault rumors. To be making rumors up on the national stage is a death knell to any sane campaign and rightly so. We have spent so much time trying to prove to the public that we believe Cain has integrity. In the interest of being an objective judge, this kind of mistake is indefensible. Fact checking is essential. When someone tells me that they have confirmed something, they are asking me to put forth my trust that what they are saying is true. That trust is very difficult to regain once it’s been lost. Cain’s own staff is dangerous to him, and that’s a serious problem on the national stage.

There is a way Cain can get out of this and play damage control, and that would be to promptly fire Mark Block. I daresay with the media’s assault on him in the last two weeks that will likely find new fans for the flames, that it may be too little too late. The prospects were already starting to look bleak in week 2, that without a stellar performance in all aspects of the campaign, would not turn out good for a Cain nomination.

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4 Responses to Mark Block Embarrasses the Cain Campaign with Disastrous Lie

  1. Engel Kobres says:

    Honestly, I think that he is guilty. But, I deeply appreciate your point about integrity and I think that his campaign manager should be fired. Also, who a president hires is as important as their own qualifications. I’m a liberal but I don’t think that Obama has been exemplary at that either. Great post!

  2. bu ya says:

    i agree with firing mark block. he needed to do that a week ago or more. i am still in cain’s camp for the moment b/c i honestly DONT think he did anything that these women are claiming, and ALL of them have legit reasons for coming out NOW, for fame, money, or part of an astro-turf effort by dems and/or repub rivals…but cain claims that he surrounds himself with GOOD, solid people, and mark block has been a HUGE detriment to his campaign, first the with smoking ad (if that was it i wouldnt care, but now its a series)…then wildly accusing everyone, having to READ (as badly as that blond lady did the other day i might add) a prepped statement when he was on with bret baier, and now this (and there are more idiotic things he’s done). Cain is getting bad advice and even worse public exposure with mark block. on top of this, mark block may have done illegal stuff earlier in the year, and the only one thats going to hurt is Cain. in light of this, mark block should resign, IF he truly wants to help cain out, and cain should fire him if he doesnt quit–it would show him to be a man of his word about surrounding himself with good, quality people. If he doesnt, block will bring down this campaign. with all of the wild accusations, i am honestly beginning to wonder if block isnt the leaker and trying to take out Cain…seriously!

    • Ryan G says:

      agreed sir, well said. I supported Cain from very early on in the campaign (before the first debate). I think he’s a good person, but his campaign will self-destruct if he does not replace a staff member or two.

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