Herman Cain Harassment is Clarence Thomas 2.0

When a previously unknown figure rises to prominence in the polls the predictable happens. That is exactly what politico, the republican establishment and the left are trying to do to Herman Cain, who has been virtually indestructible in his debate performance in both substance and clarity. I’m not sure who started the rumor, there’s evidence flying out there saying it could have been disgruntled republicans. Quite frankly I don’t care who started it; rather, it’s time to put this story in it’s permanent resting place.

I’m just so sick of the non-specifics. We start off with this politico story which purports to be this astronomic case that exposes Cain for sexual harassment. They compiled this report that was not only vague, but pointed to so many unnamed sources that it rivaled that of the anonymous – told you so- organization. The particular cases that politico was really grilling him on were textbook settlements. In other words they were solved internally and looked at as minor if not non-existent instances.

A $35,000 payout is an industry standard when it comes to minor legal disputes because it avoids a drawn out and expensive lawsuit. It’s a quick fix to a non-serious complaint that a company does not want to deal with long term. The reason I say non-serious is because if it was anything more than that, the “victim” would be pressing charges to a much higher degree rather than sitting back and agreeing at such a low payout (lower than most legal fees I might add).

On top of all of this we had the predictable 3rd complaint come out two days ago, which was even sillier than the first two. This one was alleged by a radio host at a station in Iowa, who claimed Cain spoke in a sexual manner to one of the women in the studio. By the time we recovered the actual quote, said host was laughed off the stage:

“Honey would you mind doctoring my tea?” Might have come off a little strange except for the fact that this “woman” was most likely serving food and beverage at the station during the show! Holy crap! He put it a special request for a cup of tea he was being provided!!!? Oh no! What should he do now? Folks, I just have so little patience for this. In the meantime we have been dealing with this distraction for a full week now rather than trying to delve more into the substance of Cain’s (and others) economic proposals. Events like the Cain/Gingrich debate Saturday November 5th might carry a little more significance than a smear campaign launched by a hack news organization.

Oh and mainstream media: Let’s address the RAPES in the Occupy movements before talking about Cain making a woman feel a little “uncomfortable,” and I use that word loosely. This double standard is disgustingly repulsive. Bill Clinton gets off the hook for sex and Cain gets lambasted based on completely unsubstantiated rumors. Something smells fowl, I think it’s the dead politico story rotting in the caves of obscurity.

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