Bev Perdue: “They don’t call her the Chicken Lady Gov. in NC for nothing”…

I have been saying on The American Beacon Radio Show of just how much of a ditsy person N.C. Gov. Bev Perdue actually is but NOOO… Everybody just thought because I made comments about her and her (lack thereof) thinking and mouth movements, That it was just some radical political thing or that her last name happens to remind me of those old Frank Perdue chicken ad’s on T.V. back several years ago!

Well, now you can finally see (rather hear) exactly why I have always called her the Chicken Lady Governor of N.C.!

Now I know, Some people out there are saying (On media and Facebook-land) “C’mon, she was just joking” about her recent comments on how she thinks (and hope’s someone will agree with her) that we should just say the hell with the Constitution and suspend the Congressional election’s next year just so they (The majority of them that had a big hand in why our economy is not up to par still) can focus on the current situation in our country and “Fix this Economy”. Yea, ANOTHER TWO YEAR’S OUGHTA DO IT!!! (<<<sarcasm)

Hmmm, Maybe she was joking! Well… let us listen to what she said and exactly how she said it: CLICK HERE to hear it for yourself.

Maybe it’s all that Hyperbole I had for lunch earlier? I swear that it sounds like she was just making a point, in a pointless, mindless Bev Perdue thinking kinda way. Who knows?

Bev, your losing your Re-election in 2012 and your making it REALLY hard NOT to keep making fun of you.

Bev, PLEASE,PLEASE Keep up the non-work that you do!

Going to check with now and see if she has any direct relationship to a certain current V.P. ….

I know, I know…RACIST! YOU EVIL SEXIST BIGOTED EXTREMIST!! (and other names as well!) It’s like I spelled things without the letter “G” in the Obama Black Caucus speech! (That story is here)

Damn the AP and there EVIL influence over me with there damned transcribing capabilities…

Until another time, Please enjoy another fine speech from My bird-brained Governor from right here in N.C.:

About Bill McMicheals
CO-Host and the resident Big-Headed worthless fool guy on The American Beacon Radio Show heard LIVE here and on .. Supposedly, being all that will be the death of me,Fate accepted! I also work in Pro Wrestling..See there?? I'm always tempting fate! Email: Twitter: @billmcmicheals .

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