Government Shutdown: So Who’s Really Responsible?


The debate continues for what is going to be the ultimate solution to our federal budget problem, an issue which arguably began last October when the then Democrat controlled legislature failed to produce a budget for fiscal 2011. In the last couple months, lawmakers have juggled a number of short term continuing resolutions in order to prevent a potential shutdown from taking place as federal funds get cut off. Anyone who looks at this situation objectively would realize the serious need of cuts in spending if the fiscal situation is to be brought under control in the near future. Unfortunately that has not been the rule of the game in Washington, where it has literally been an all out political fist fight over every last dime of federal spending.

As the deadline approaches once again on a looming shut down in the government, the republicans took the opportunity to propose a long term budget solution with Paul Ryan’s road map. I’m still looking for where the battle line is because factoring Paul Ryan’s one proposal, the republicans have already proposed one more solution then any democrat has to address the problem. Having said that, how in your right mind can you link the republican plan with irresponsibility, like so many on the left have tried to spin it? The irresponsibility is in the people who don’t have a plan to address our fiscal problems! This is something that could and should have been settled months ago, and since it wasn’t the democrat majority was expelled from office.

The same people who have no intention of curbing our spending situation are now poised to use the shutdown as a way to eviscerate the republican leadership. As a said in the past, it is the republican’s job to hold the government hostage until we have a responsible solution in place. That’s right! I am saying that whether or not Yellowstone National Park is open for Tourists is less important than whether or not our children will have a future to look forward to. We owe it to the next generation to start solving these problems now. The fact that the unemployment rate is still cooking around 9 percent is true outrage and a disgrace to every hard working American out there today.

The democrats are the very same people who claim to represent the working family, aka the middle class. Everything they have done in the last two years has been at the expense of the middle class. What was originally supposed to be a 1 trillion dollar emergency spending bill translated into a baseline of spending that every piece of legislation would build on for the next two years. This lead us to unspeakable deficits and if left unchecked, it will eventually force the single largest tax increase in the history of America.

So I reiterate, as long as the Democrats sit and play politics with the budget, let’s keep the shutdown going. The house should vote on Ryan’s proposal and not give an inch from it. If it fails in the senate or the president refuses to sign it, then the government should remain shut down for that entire duration. On this issue, the days of compromising must be over. If the house republicans have the courage to take that kind of a stand, I will stand up with them and salute their efforts, because they would then truly be taking a stand from economic prosperity and freedom.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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