Dissent is now Classified as Cynicism and Pessimism?

So now we have this coming out from the Associated Press. Basically people should be asking themselves when it comes to the presidents commencement ceremony tour is: Where will Barack Obama strike next? He has nothing substantive to add to the college careers of any young person today, especially if you take into account Obama most recent offering of advice.

President Obama says young people are growing up during a time of “great challenge” and “sweeping change” — and that the voices of cynicism and pessimism seem the loudest on television and in newspapers and blogs.

So anyone not Marching in step with the king is a cynic or a pessimist. We have yet another “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” moment with this president. If you don’t support Barack’s reforms you are automatically labeled a naysayer and shut out of the discussion. You need to keep in mind that these aren’t new tactics. This has been written about before, if you can marginalize dissent and hijack the mainstream with your agenda, then who is there to stop you? The American people are in the areas in which information is still propagated freely.

It seems the tenure of debate has been turned upside down ever since the left has taken control. All of a sudden the people that were fans of disruptors and thought dissent was a good, healthy thing for a republic are obsessed with the idea that we the people are somehow bigoted. Those who want to stop the rapid growth of government and the virtual take over of the entire private sector are the problem now. That scary thing is that’s the way it’s being preached to college students in the world today. More reason why the government should be cut off from anything to do with education. It has become more of a political tool rather than an institution for academics.

Once again, this is an attempt by the president to marginalize anyone who opposes him in the eyes of the young people, who will be new, fresh voters for his administration. It’s incredibly perverse. In the off chance that these tactics don’t work, all he has to do is further constrict the freedom of speech/access to information the people have. You can’t be trusted with pesky blogs because you’re not smart enough to discern what is truth for yourself. That is a reason many in government want to move ahead with regulations of the internet, regulations on talk radio and to some extent, tv as well.

As his tour continues, expect more of the same rhetoric and overarching moral instruction from someone who is in no position to dictate morals to the people. The president is a disgrace, he has embarrassed this country not only in front of the American people, but on the world stage so much so that even Clinton in Carter are made to look somewhat moderate compared to this radical Marxist. It’s a sad day in America.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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