Obama Considers Race over Qualification in Supreme Court

It’s really sad that we can’t do a single thing in this country anymore without worrying about someone’s race, religion, gender or any other social classification you can conjure up. According to a Fox News Report, the president has announced that for his new supreme court pick, he is considering “diversity” over everything else in determining how qualified they are for the position in his eyes. There’s only one conclusion I can come to when Obama makes such a radically offensive remark like that. Obama himself is prejudiced. Why can’t we act color blind anymore when it really counts? Read more of this post

Here’s a Shocker: Republicans Start to Soften on Financial Reform

I’m seeing reports now that republicans are starting to come to some sort of agreement with democrat leaders in the Senate on financial reform. I don’t know what that means but something smells foul. This plays right along with what I warned about in my last two blog posts. The democrats are pressing forward just as planned in hopes to avoid the distraction during the primary season. If republicans in the Senate give in now, arguably one of the most critical points so far for them in this administration, this will only be the beginning of out economic hardships. There is no winning compromise with legislation that is fundamentally flawed, which is exactly why this moronic statement from a leading senate republican: Read more of this post


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