If all Else Fails, Blame Right Wing Extremism

Can someone tell me who died and named Bill Clinton king? He’s out running all over the place giving speeches talking now about his concern that right-wing violence and threats are starting to become a real concern. Now, from my perspective, and I understand I am not close to omniscient on this matter, I have yet to catch someone on the right in the act of posing violent threats against political opponents. The biggest concern coming out of this whole campaign being launched by the left, is that this will further fuel the societal polarization we have witnessed ever since the Obama administration took hold be in January.

One of the ways they are targeting the conservative movement is by firing back at the conservative commentators, and I don’t just mean expressing disagreements with them. This has become something significantly worse than that for some political figures today. In the end of March, Ed Shultz went on a frustrated rant about his envy of conservative pundits like Rush Limbaugh having so much more of an “advantage” over the liberal wing of talk radio. The point Ed is completely missing is that the liberal voice in talk radio was given ample opportunity to get itself going. Clear Channel even converted some notoriously conservative stations over to carry liberal talk radio. They became such epic ratings failures, they had no other choice other than to get rid of them again.

Unfortunately for Ed, his schizophrenic episode was tracked down by the Glenn Beck program and he was embarrassed on national radio for calling for a return to the fairness doctrine. Problem was Ed could barely hold onto an audience to save his life. Ed threw a fit the next day on his poorly rated TV show on MSNBC and brought on Eric Byrnes, president of media matters, to be his crying partner.  The discourse of the conversation between the two of them was absolutely stunning and I would venture to say it was completely out of line. Here is a sampling of what Eric Byrnes said about Glenn throughout the discourse:

We Catch Glenn Beck in Lies Every Single Day, and they are serious lies and they are dangerous lies. Glenn Beck is the single most dangerous person in this country. …he’s a serious threat to our democratic process… …He mentioned revolution 173 times on his TV show last year”

People wonder why it’s so dangerous to do what Glenn Beck does for a career. An irrational statement like that from Eric Byrnes is exactly what is wrong with this country today. We have people literally being convinced now by an onslaught of misinformation, championed by a criminal non-profit organization media matters for america, that people like Glenn Beck, who speak out against this administration, are among the most dangerous men in the nation. It’s not the people promoting and carrying out real violence, like Bill Aires and his ‘pacifist’ weather underground group that unapologetically bombed federal buildings. It’s not the guy who crashed his private plane into the IRS building. It’s not the Fort Hood shooter, no. According to media matters, the most dangerous man in the country is a talk show host. Do you know how much more dangerous that makes it for Glenn just to go out and try to live a normal life?

It’s one thing to express disagreements. It’s another thing to polarize an entire society based on an ideological conflict. People like Bill Clinton, media matters, Nancy Pelosi, among dozens of others owe the entire conservative movement an apology for such incredible defamation. Those of you who are constituents of these politicians need to know that they are throwing all of you completely under the bus. They have not triangulated when you called them out for their rhetoric. They stepped on the gas and pushed ahead faster than ever before.

The point that should also be raised is that the only incident of violence that actually happened which the left can even point to and link to conservatives is the Oklahoma City Bombing and that doesn’t even hold it’s own very well in terms of conservative violence. Everything Else they’ve had to really try hard to make up use against you. That’s why they tried to frame tea partiers for “shouting the N-word” 15 times but were unable to produce any evidence of it occurring. That’s why Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC tried to frame the entire Tea Party movement as racist when he had an organizer of the Tea Party Express on his program in what turned into the biggest joke of an interview ever to appear on a channel the purported to be a news network.

The left is going to continue to try very hard to frame the right as violent. The job we have as Americans is to continue to prove them wrong every single day of the week, and then show up with a vengeance on election day. With the banner of peace and the hammer of non-violence, election day will be a tremendous success if you make it that way.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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