If all Else Fails, Blame Right Wing Extremism

Can someone tell me who died and named Bill Clinton king? He’s out running all over the place giving speeches talking now about his concern that right-wing violence and threats are starting to become a real concern. Now, from my perspective, and I understand I am not close to omniscient on this matter, I have yet to catch someone on the right in the act of posing violent threats against political opponents. The biggest concern coming out of this whole campaign being launched by the left, is that this will further fuel the societal polarization we have witnessed ever since the Obama administration took hold be in January. Read more of this post

Obama Can’t Keep Track of Which Crisis We are in

Alright someone needs to help me out here. The president came out yesterday in his weekly radio/internet address talking about how we were in a new crisis that he needed congress to act on to help avert. How come the American people never got the word that the first crisis was ever averted? Yea the media launched a campaign trying to convince us that the worst was over, but what does that mean if there are no numbers to back it up. We’ve yet to have any real bounce back to begin with, yet this incredible administration apparently has already averted one crisis and the one in front of us is really a new one. Read more of this post


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