“What Rights are Being Taken Away?” Where’ve you been?

I’m getting more and more disheartened by the overall IQ of the constituency within this country. Some of the displays of ignorance about how our very system works  is terrifying to be honest with you. Hopefully, We’ve just been tapping into an unusually high concentration of them because of the time of year. Many organized forces are recruiting them to cause trouble and go on the attack, which is fine, but the accusations of racism among other spurious claims are just outrageous.

I had a caller during the last program who kept getting hung up on the idea that since the tea party is not a 50-50 split for a ratio of whites to blacks, that it automatically makes it inherently racist. First of all, to clear things up, if we have to get technical about race, whites make up 75% of the demographics of this country. That means in any random gathering of people, it will be about 75% white. We also know that Obama has the blind support of over 90% of black voters today. The estimates are that the tea parties are about 78% white which is less than the margin of error for most polls over the demographic percentage of the national population. Those are the facts of the matter that the left wing media would rather you not know.

To be honest, I hate having to have this stupid race conversation anyway, it has gotten very old very fast. I want genuine conversation with people on the left today. I pray for these people every day because all life is sacred and I care about everyone. This senseless categorization is pinning people against each other in this country and it is becoming a threat to the stability of the republic. When Washington warned us against political parties, simple observation of the way politics operates today puts on clear display why they can be so destructive. They polarize society and live off the demeaning of all on the other side. We need a revival of the American spirit today among people of all backgrounds. We were a country founded by immigrants.

How can you even pin the conservative movement as the one’s filled with hate? The so-called anti-war protests throughout the 1960’s had REAL violence in them. For a pacifist rally that’s pretty hypocritical don’t you think? Every tea party that I have attended has served to revitalize the American spirit in the attendees. All the propaganda going viral would have you believe that the tea party is rooted in anti-government and anti-establishment sentiment. Anyone who takes that for face value is not only misguided, they have lost their entire ability to reason. Anarchy could not be more contrary to conservative or “classical liberal” thought. They are peaceful, pro-American rallies, and in all cases for me the venue ended up cleaner after we left than it was before. The idea of a rally, by the way for you ignorant ones, is derived from the 1st amendment when it references our right to “peaceably assemble.”

As for the rights that are being infringed on us, the list keeps growing. Keep in mind that the problem today begins with the fundamental error in the perception of how we derive our rights. They are inherent in who we are because God created us that way and they are underscored in our declaration of independence and more succinctly in our constitution. I don’t think its my job to spend the time pointing out all of the infringements on liberty. I’ve done it enough in past blog posts and radio shows . It’s time for people to start searching for truth themselves. If you are not asking good, bold, honest questions in a way that helps guide you to find truth, then unfortunately I can be of no help to you. One must come to terms with truth himself.

Our founders were some of the most brilliant men in this country’s history. They put a system of checks and balances into our government that was virtually fool proof in terms of preventing one branch of government from becoming too powerful. That worked to a point until the government began to subvert it’s very own rules. Does no one even question the very process by which health care reform became law? They wanted it so detached from the people that they considered deeming it passed without a formal recorded vote. Even with that, they invoked reconciliation on the bill which is a procedure only intended for urgent budget matters, not bills that are set to seize up nearly a quarter of the US economy.

Without a revitalization of the private sector, this country will not easily return to what it used to be. One doesn’t need to lose a home, etc in order for rights to be infringed upon like the ignorant caller alleged. When you are compelled to purchase a product or service under penalty of law, I consider that an infringement on the rights of an individual. When you are treated as part of a dependent, collective group rather than an individual, your rights are being infringed. Your income is your own property too, that fact that so much of it gets thrown away into a social security system that will not be there for the next generation, that is an infringement of rights. I hope the American people can wake up soon enough.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

6 Responses to “What Rights are Being Taken Away?” Where’ve you been?

  1. Right on, Ryan! I agree, I think the race card has lived out it’s purpose! I am getting more and more annoyed that this is the main gun in the “lefts” arsenal. It just proves that they have nothing to bring to the table as far as their knowledge on the policies. They would rather take the people whom took the time to educate themselves on what is really happening in this country and group them into a bunch and call them “racist” If you play the odds as you said, when you have a majority, “whites”, then chances are at a large event, the majority of people are going to be “white”. Especially when, again as you said, 90% of “blacks” BLINDLY support the alleged President. All very well said, Ryan!

  2. jen says:

    Evil prevails when enough good men do nothing.

  3. One with Progression says:

    The whole tea *****g movement is a bad joke. Supposedly tea ******s are supposed to be smarter than your average line-towing conservative, yet I’ve yet to see one that actually has said anything intelligent that wasn’t already covered in some other PAC. Keep getting that blood money from your corporate sponsors, it’s extenuates the ignorance already rampant throughout this so called movement. Keep up the bloggin though, adds hours of fun for us free thinkers.

    • Ryan G says:

      First of all I am not affiliated with any tea party, nor have I taken a penny from a single person, nevermind an organization.. so get your facts straight. Secondly, I Thank you for commenting on a post that is nearly 6 months old, I hope it made you feel good.

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  5. daniel says:

    Yes we should wake up,cause your rights are being slowly taken,just some examples are you are told you will buy health insurance ,you are told whem and were you can smoke,you cant in public,but your taxes support it ,you cant buy 32 oz drinks know more, cause they think your to fat,which is another . you will wear a seat belt cause i said so, you will send your kids to this school cause i said so ,and i coukd go on and on but you get the pix.as for social security it is not an entilement,you dont give me nothing i pay for this system and so do you,where do you think you are giving a damn thing.they need to do govement and get out of running famelies.just becuase they get paid big money from someone .i think they are all ass—-les,and wouldnt pee on them if they where on fire ,they are all wrought up and bought

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