Barrage of New Taxes on Table Under Banner of Deficit Reduction

President Obama has received warnings that the increased government spending needs to be counteracted by an increase revenue soon or we could be in trouble and that higher taxes need to be considered. The current path the administration has put us on would lead to a third fiscal year in a row of record deficits if the left cannot reign in the money they owe soon. The most logical solution to the problem would be dramatically reducing the spending within government today, but that idea is diametrically opposed to the ideology of the president.

You can’t look past the number of times Obama over the years has talked about the need to develop a bottom to top economic system that focuses on using the income of the wealthy to enrich the low and middle classes. Has referenced the desire to move toward a single payer health care system. The man is a true Marxist. Now maybe the president really does believe with his whole heart that he is doing what is right for this country, I like to think I can give him that benefit of the doubt. Having said that, even if his heart is in the right place, it does this country no good when his brain is somewhere else. He ran on a fundamental transformation of the American system and change, we are getting, but is this the change the American people envisioned when they voted for him? I would argue that it’s a resounding no.

How can you come out will bills that pillage entire sections of our economy, tell the people it’s in their interest despite vehement opposition, and then rush it to passage before anyone can comprehend the text of the bill? I have a hard time comprehending them trying to pull it on the people one time never mind 3. The people were stripped of all defense mechanisms in being able to prevent passage because of the unbelievable bending of the rules (i.e. using reconciliation for something that is clearly non-budget related). The only relation any of these bills had to the budget was that increase in spending. The more the numbers get crunched, the most apparent the weight of future taxes will be on all demographics of this countries citizenry.

We are watching the very concept of private enterprise being seized by government mandate at almost every single level in this country. Technology, which has been notorious for being the freest and most innovative part of our economy today is the next target. The first victim in the technology umbrella are internet service providers. 10 years ago we were barely breaking through the shell of the primitive dial-up age into the world of DSL. Today we’re talking about access to high-speed internet being a right that every household is entitled today. I warned you that opening the doors to health care would give the government leverage in almost every aspect of your life. That could not be ringing more true today.

It is in your best interests to follow very closely this issues the debt commission Obama established by executive order is setting out to accomplish. It’s so important to keep in mind that is cutting spending is not a major factor in their solution to combating out deficit, then they are going to heavily rely on new taxes. Don’t let the name “debt commission” fool you. The left loves to use names to garner support for their cause, but it is almost always something contrary to what they classify themselves as.

Finally, why is the DOW’s climb to 11,000 any reason to celebrate in terms of our economy? Has unemployment rebounded? Has individuals’ annual revenue risen since Obama took office? There are no signs of legitimate healthy growth anywhere. I see the possible results of artificially pumping money into the system, but it could not be further from the characteristics of a genuine comeback in our economy today. It’s absolutely amazing how quickly the media can hail a relatively marginal rebound as an indicator that we’ve come out of the recession, because the truth of the matter is: If health care is not repealed, the worst for our economy is yet to come.

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