Without Significant Budget Cuts, Financial Collapse Looms in Foreseable Future

Isn’t it amazing how every time the republicans try to bring the bills the democrats are aiming to fast track back into the spotlight that they get accused of playing politics? Since when is expressing concern about the financial future of this country comparable to “political games”? The United States is a country that needs to be taken care of. In no way can government officials afford to get compulsive about what it is we supposedly need to be spending. Our economy by the way, has shown no sign off recovery outside of a couple artificial bubbles working their way up through the DOW Jones Industrial Average. Read more of this post

Barrage of New Taxes on Table Under Banner of Deficit Reduction

President Obama has received warnings that the increased government spending needs to be counteracted by an increase revenue soon or we could be in trouble and that higher taxes need to be considered. The current path the administration has put us on would lead to a third fiscal year in a row of record deficits if the left cannot reign in the money they owe soon. The most logical solution to the problem would be dramatically reducing the spending within government today, but that idea is diametrically opposed to the ideology of the president. Read more of this post


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