Economic Numbers Still Not Promising for Working Americans

The Economy president Obama has been charged with restoring is not recovering as advertised. Many Americans are feeling the effects of it as our exponentially skyrocketing debt continues to destabilize the market place. We now have reports that in the first 15 months of this administration, average personal income has dropped more than six times than it did during Bush’s first 15 months in office. The Wall Street Journal has reported that income has fallen by 3.2%. Hope and Change.

A large part of this drop can be attributed to the abysmal jobless returns we have seen every month since Obama’s inauguration. Now we are being told by administration officials that we should expect unemployment to remain unacceptably high for at least the next few years. The way anyone who can think beyond the surface of a quote would take this is that it’s a message saying not to expect much out the stimulus or jobs bill. Don’t you people get it? They were never real fixes for our economy, but they did, however, add to our debt.

It would be a lot easier in this country if people understood history and realized we are stirring the same pot of ingredients that Roosevelt did to prolong the Great Depression and continue to weigh down the economy. The only difference between then and now, is that now they are ramming the majority of their alleged reforms through without the consent of the governed. The arm twisting going on behind closed doors is also astounding, and unfortunately many of the American people are not privy to it.

While there is no question the economy was on a downward skid at the onset of president Obama’s term, the massive acceleration of that skid can only be attributed to the incompetence of this administration’s economic policy. We are burying this nation at the hands of entitlement programs. You cannot run in the name of progress without letting people know what ends we are trying to attain. Yet, that has exactly what Obama has done, and people hungry for change foolishly put him in office.

Lets not repeat the painful route history has taken so many times in the past. It’s time to slash government spending, we have to if we have any chance of returning to an economically sustainable road. Yes, it might mean that some people have to be willing to cut back, that is exactly what is wrong with making yourself financially dependent on the government. It will make us a stronger society in the long run, although it likely will not be popular in the short term. It is essential for the economic survival of this nation.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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