New Eco-Friendly Policy: Efficiency over Safety

Dramatic increases in fuel efficiency standards are coming all in the name of energy-saving and the environment. This is yet another regulation on the market that was never free to begin with – the auto industry. New standards would be skyrocketed from the current limit of 25 miles per gallon to 35 by the year 2016. This in addition with a new tail pipe emissions standard from the EPA will be the beginning of a large number of new government mandates scheduled to take effect in the name of our environment (It will make those trips to the DMV so much more enjoyable trust me). This sounds like a great thing to do, but in reality it is going to make accidents that much more perilous for drivers on the road.

Industry leaders looking to avoid steep penalties will have to search for ways to lighten the weight of the vehicles so much so that they will become a danger to those behind the wheel in some cases. I guarantee you that the death rate in accidents starts to climb once these restrictions take place. We have already started seeing that today with the incidents in these so-called smart cars, which looks more like go-carts on wheels.

I have warned about this before, this environmental movement is becoming increasingly dangerous. When we get to the point where so-called protecting the environment takes precedence over human safety then we are moving into a very precarious situation. It’s not just cars in which this is showing through, it’s the desire of the left to force everyone to change their very lifestyles in the name of saving the earth whether it be the food we eat or our electricity usage. It’s starting to become unreal. We have a government that want to weasel its way into every aspect of our personal lives in the name of science.

It’s one thing to care about the environment, and I absolutely do believe we have a responsibility to take care of this planet. However, to come out and compel this ridiculous and invasive wave of regulations on the personal lives of Americans is not only unconstitutional, it’s criminal. So yes, when it comes to issues of gas mileage and other things like that, the free market has always given us the answer in the past. Ever since we got this crazy idea that we could regulate industry several decades ago, the American auto industry tanked. These new regulations will only hurt car companies more financially, decrease quality, and increase safety risks for passengers on the road.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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