It’s time to Sit Back and Let the Left Self Destruct

One of the most important things one can do for himself as we continue to trek through a far from ideal year, is stand back and reflect. Too often our busy lives keep us distracted and don’t allow ourselves to properly assess and process the situation we are going through today. I hear the argument brought up time and time again that this is exactly what our founders rebelled against in the 1700’s. We have moved progressively over toward an entitlement and subsequently more of a tyrannical state. While that is in many respects true, they lived in an era that was quite different from ours, particularly technologically. The technology gap between what citizens have access to and what the government is able to use is astronomical, which is a significant difference from the ways things were in the early formation of this country.

Frustration has been high in the recent months and tempers have certainly erupted over the latest political grind. Much of which I do believe have been deliberately provoked on the left. There is no question the 1960’s have served as inspiration for some of our leaders in how to approach and discredit conservatives as a whole. There is a tremendous amount of political polarization today. Having said that, it is unanimously agreed upon that the republic will not survive an armed conflict. While calls for violence have been few and far between and much of which can be chalked up to the radical fringe on both sides of the political spectrum, they can neither be ignored nor condoned. We are a nation off law abiding people and we will remain that way, no matter how bad things get.

At the same time the media needs to shut up. The number of fraudulent reports of vandalism or violent threats supposedly associated with the tea party or other conservatives is almost ridiculous. The msnbc’s of this world which continuously look to play politics with very grave matter is really repulsive. Keith Olbermann is an embarrassment to humanity and any real media organization would not hire someone as hateful and mentally unstable as he is. He too, fell victim to not doing the proper fact checking and deliberately tried to paint an incident, which turned out to have been completely fraudulent, of tea partiers yelling racial slurs as a way to slander the entire group as racist and bigoted. Now I understand for an unmarried insomniac, who is starting to hit the downhill in life, he may just be completely out of touch with the majority of the American people through no fault of his own. The schizophrenic tirades this man goes through on a nightly basis are beyond offensive. If comparable monologues were given from anyone waving the conservative banner they would not only be taken off the air, they’d be run out of the country and shamed, if not at the very least sued for outrageous slander. That doesn’t even include the fact that Olbermann reference’s his poorly-rated cable program as a newscast.

There is a barrage of information today that is out to distract the American people from what is most important. We need to get back to the focus of maintaining the stability of our republic and ensuring the very freedom we enjoy today is passed down to future generations. Right now, that freedom is in serious jeopardy. We are in the midst of the greatest onslaught against freedom in this country since the days of Roosevelt. Granted, our country is not perfect. We all agreed in 2008 that changes needed to be made to help promote prosperity once again. I am hard-pressed to believe that the majority of Americans were looking to fundamentally transform the very foundation by which this country was built. Unfortunately, however, this administration elected to go that route and set some things in motion that will be very difficult to undo.

In the days left this year, it will be more effective to let the left implode on itself through incidents like Joe Biden being too close to a microphone. Think about it this way, why has lefty talk radio always failed? One of the big reasons is because their arguments aren’t substantive enough to survive a 3 hour long-form running monologue. The more you allow them to talk and make public statements, the more the public will be introduced to what it is exactly that goes on inside the mind of a liberal. Stand your ground on principle, but at the same time don’t give them what they want.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

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