NLRB Appointee: No Punishment Needed for Employment of Illegals

Hat Tip to (link below) – We have yet another controversial appointment coming out of the Obama administration and for those of you concerned about the securing of our nation’s borders, this needs some attention. Audio has surfaced from a 2001 interview with Craig Becker, the president’s recent appointment for the National Labor Relations Board, talking about the problem with enforcing the law with regards to hiring legal employees. He spoke about it even going as far as having a discriminatory effect and that he favored a “progressive” approach in immigration policy. Not to mention the fact that the president made recess appointments of Becker as well as Mark Gaston Pearce to get around the senate’s opposition to these appointees. Read more of this post

It’s time to Sit Back and Let the Left Self Destruct

One of the most important things one can do for himself as we continue to trek through a far from ideal year, is stand back and reflect. Too often our busy lives keep us distracted and don’t allow ourselves to properly assess and process the situation we are going through today. I hear the argument brought up time and time again that this is exactly what our founders rebelled against in the 1700’s. We have moved progressively over toward an entitlement and subsequently more of a tyrannical state. While that is in many respects true, they lived in an era that was quite different from ours, particularly technologically. The technology gap between what citizens have access to and what the government is able to use is astronomical, which is a significant difference from the ways things were in the early formation of this country. Read more of this post

Recent Rise in Violent Threats Being Tied to Conservatives

The news feeds have been bombarding me with different reports about so-called conservatives making violent threats to members of Congress who voted for the health care bill. To start off, I am well aware of the fact that main stream media today will jump all over the slightest rumor of such a threat with little or no confirmation to back it up. At the same time, I must warn all conservatives right now to back away from anyone who condones violence. Unless you want to see this nation hit a highway to chaos, it’s in your best interest to get as far away from it as possible. Those who see violence as a way to remedy a political shortfall are not only far from what it means to be a conservative, they are flat-out un-American. Read more of this post

Unemployment Continues to Rise – Dems Have Solution

It’s rather humorous that anyone can still be giving credence to the democrats after they somehow say they are going to attack unemployment once and for all. Last time I checked, I thought that’s what they had been trying to do ever since Obama took office. Have we forgotten the stimulus from last year already? Have we forgotten the two other large spending bills last year? Have we forgotten the other jobs bill that was sent to the president’s desk already this year? Now their solution in the senate has nothing to do with job creation, quite the opposite, they are looking to once again extend jobless benefits for the unemployed in the senate. Read more of this post

Now that the Bill is Passed, The Spotlight transitions to the Next Fight

This vote this past weekend brought the true nature of these people in power into light. They are not politicians, they are revolutionaries – the kind the won’t let anything stand between them and their agenda, not even the very people of the United States. If anything positive can be taken out of this, it’s that the American people finally were able to see them for who they really are: the lies, the trickery the bribery, the deals behind closed doors. Everything under the surface before now reared it’s head in a very loud and boisterous way. Read more of this post


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