Most Honest and Ethical Congress? Excuse me Nancy?

Is there anyone that still buys into this rhetoric that passes off as reality that spews out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth on an almost constant basis? It’s one thing to be a misinformed person with the responsibility of representing the people, it’s another to corrode into a pathological liar so much so that people can no longer take you seriously anymore. This is the level at which Nancy Pelosi’s credibility has disintegrated to during her time as a congresswoman. It’s beyond irresponsible, it is criminal. This is complete and total disregard for the integrity of a seat in Congress and our constitution. Read more of this post

We the People United: What it Takes to succeed in 2010

2010 is a critical election year in this country. We are reaching a cross roads where the people have a chance to reverse a year and a half of high-speed transformation in this country and cushion the shock on the economy. It is a cross roads however that if we fail in 2010 will be very hard to recover from. The key to success if for the American people to unite. Many in the conservative movement have found ways of doing this – one of the most popular venues has been the tea parties, which have been a great way for people to express discontent with our representation in government and realign support in constitutional principles. Unfortunately, there still lies a large sect of the conservative movement and those who pose as conservatives that have effectively been dividing the movement over  fantasies of national third parties,wedge issues, and over hyped false flag conspiracies. All of which continue to divide us and make victory in 2010 more difficult. Read more of this post

EPA puts proverbial Foot Down

“The Science is settled” The organization came out and said this week yet again in response growing criticism from those who contest the very idea behind the EPA’s finding back in December. Now that Carbon Dioxide is officially labeled a human health hazard, a number of doors have been opened for the agency to step in and impose regulations on the American people. This is the unilateral executive back up to cap and trade failing in our legislature. Read more of this post

POWER BLITZ: Lawmakers look to Bring down Supreme Court Ruling

Well its becoming more and more evident that the balance of power in our government is tilting very strongly to the legislative branch. On the off chance that it fails in the legislature, no worries, Obama will push it through using his executive power. The latest lurch being started by the left is a new attempt to bring down the supreme courts over turning of many campaign finance reforms laws that limited businesses ability to sponsor candidates for elections through donations, paid advertising time, etc. Read more of this post

“Killing the Bill” may not “kill the bill”

Just when many conservatives thought the victory in Massachusetts would bring down the efforts to impose a new round of entitlements over our nation in the name of rescuing the economy and reforming health care, the president is now dangling the idea of using his executive power in the event the bills fail. In addition to regulatory authority under many federal agencies, executive orders is what the president was referring to. So far in his president, the controversial executive order has not been foreign to him. Within the first week of his presidency last year, he rapid fired 5 of them. Another significant one was announced during the state of the Union Address. Read more of this post


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