Scott Brown Wins in Massachusetts – What’s Next?

There is hope for this country my friends. I hope you listened to my program from last night as we brought in the results. I had Bill McMicheals, the founder of,  on the program for breaking news and commentary. You can hear it all at

I want to address the concerns raised about the whole lesser than two evils mentality that they were bringing up about this election. Right off the bat, The outcome of this whole election was amazing in light of the fact that Ted Kennedy held this seat for decades, meaning he had to be re-elected several times. My point being that this is a liberal state and there is no way around that. Scott Brown, although some may not consider all of his positions to be ideal, was about the best candidate you were going to get out of Massachusetts and he was a whole hell of a lot better than the opposition. Martha Coakley, on the campaign trail promised to continue pushing the agenda of health care, among other things that are really serious threats to the stability of this nation.

In the coming days, we will have to watch how democrats in Washington respond to this defeat and what it means for the health care bill. There are still a number of tricks they can try to get this through, what remains to be seen is if they have the audacity to do it. May I point out that Nancy Pelosi has already made clear that we will have health care no matter what. That is a pretty strong statement pending the outcome of a significant election that many think could put an end the health care debate as we know it. It’s getting to be time to play damage control for the democrats looking to keep their power – because the people fired back last night.

The only other variable is how much other democrats fear for their own careers after that election.  The American people have made a very clear statement that they are fed up with incumbents for many different reasons. The majority are clearly worried about the deteriorating economy which has not shown much life as we stand a full year into this administration. There are others who feel the health care proceedings thus far have not met their picture of a transparent government. Whatever the case may be, it has sent a clear signal to Washington and we will see how they react. This isn’t just any Senate election – this was a senate election in Massachusetts, where no Republican has won an election since 1972. That is significant and we will see what the lies ahead in the future for this country, there is still ho

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