A Carbon Credit Bank Account? Coming soon

European countries have acted as good indicators in the past as for what could be coming down the pipe here in American in the near future. The climate conundrum has been known to open up very strange things in the name of protecting the environment or “going green”  Some people in the British legislature feel that giving everyone a Carbon-Allowance would effectively cap carbon emissions in the country.

Here’s how it would work:

Every time you purchase something that has a certain degree of carbon in it, it deducts a set amount of credit from your arbitrary carbon sum you’d have in the account. The account would work similar to the way a normal bank account works and you would get regular balance statements send to you in the mail to help you keep track of how many carbon credits you have left. Once you run out, you are blocked from buying gas, transportation tickets, etc. until you buy additional carbon credit. As you can tell people can buy more Carbon Dioxide rights by paying the government – tax revenue that they absolutely love.

Britain itself has announced an ambitious Carbon Dioxide emission goal to cap 1990 level emissions by 80 percent. It is economic suicide. The impact it will have on the environment will be negligible resulting in a severe net loss for the economy and the people of the country. People don’t even realize that Carbon Dioxide’s impact on temperature is barely even detectable if it exists at all. The idea that Carbon Dioxide is directly linked to Warming has never been sufficiently proven, yet we are all ready to march in step as a globe under its banner.

None of these proposals actually aim to solve the problem either. These are all roundabout ways to dramatically increase people’s taxes. People who are dependent on traveling a lot will not be able to cut back on their air travel and as a result it will just make it another source of tax revenue to the government. It will cripple businesses, force them to raise prices on retail and subsequently the citizens will lose out big time.

Why should we in the United States be concerned about this?

There has been a growing effort to enforce strict Carbon regulations on a Global level. The organization that would be overlooking this is the United Nations, which is composed of a number of nations that would not mind to see the destruction of the US economy. Hence we can expect a similar if not worse scenario in this country if we are not careful. They are already moving Cap and Trade legislation in the Senate which goes as far as to prevent people from selling their own houses without the government’s approval. In addition the risk of this country’s ratification of the treaty in Copenhagen opens up a whole new world of possibilities including international mandates being imposed on the daily lives of US citizens. People need to wake up to this hoax before it destroys them.

About Ryan G
26 year old blogger. Idealistic, hardworking, and optimistic. Bachelor's Degree and soon to have a masters degree.

3 Responses to A Carbon Credit Bank Account? Coming soon

  1. azizmoummou says:

    I was reading through your blog and I found it interesting.I’m an English teacher from Morocco,so enthusiastic about greening the world.
    If you would like to interact with me here is my blog:http://hellochichaoua.wordpress.com
    nice posts,I shall admit.

    all the best,

  2. saurabh8 says:

    Ryan,Lets talk about reaching to common man rather than Large Scale Industries Check this idea http://bit.ly/5lmUPb & make the carbon credit for the people & of the people.
    an environmentalist

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