Is Fort Hood the 2nd Terrorist Attack On American Soil in 2009?

Eyewitness reports now are that the Shooter in the Fort Hood incident yesterday, already known to be of muslim decent, shouted out “Allah Akbar” as carried out his incredibly despicable mission. If This is the case then it would mark the second Islamic Terrorist Attack on American soil since President Obama took office. His continued appeasement and compromising of the very principles that founded this nation will break this country.

It is a product of sympathizing with the enemy and Worrying about how we treat the very people who are looking constantly for the next chance to stab us in the back. The Country is less safe and becoming increasingly vulnerable. The give you an idea what Obama thought of the incident he spent more time in his speech yesterday talking about AARP endorsement of the health care bill than he did on our troops. It’s absolutely unpresidential, it’s a total disregard for our military families, and he should be put on the spot to explain himself.

Don’t expect anything to come out of it though, the media was just a bad as our president on the matter yesterday if not worse. It was amazing, yet so predictable, to see how quickly stories were published that were intended to get people to sympathize with the grievances of the shooter. Stories pointing out that maybe Hassan was bullied or maybe he was disgruntled about his pending deployment. Well with more information coming out today its becoming more and more clear that those stories were far from reality and even Fox fell into that trap.

Bottom Line —

This event does look like it was a premeditated terrorist attack. Eyewitness reports of this man yelling out God is Great in Arabic acts as a pretty good indicator for me as to the motives behind this incident. Not to mention the fact this man was being investigated six months ago for praising the shooting of two soldiers at a recruiting station in Arkansas, which was also linked to terrorism. It’s nice to know that praising a terrorist attack wasn’t enough to take any real conceivable action against this sick man. Thanks Barrack, not only is your stimulus not very stimulating but our line of defense isn’t very protective when you continue to undermine it.


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