Ohio: Complete Collapse of Our Justice System

We learned this week that a convicted rapist who was release from prison in 2005 after serving a 15 year sentence has now been upgraded to a serial murderer. Yet again we have another fail for our justice system which seems to be greatly compromised by political correctness and oversympathising with those who do not deserve it. Within four years the man has been involved in the apparent murder of as many as a dozen women in his Ohio Home, which he transformed into a foul-smelling morgue.

I know one thing, if this man was given proper justice the first time he was convicted there would be at least 11 more people alive today.

In order for an incident of this magnitude to even conceivably happen, it requires a compromised justice system. There are so many road blocks that should be able to prevent such a gruesome series of murders in whole or in part. The first of which would have been the most obvious: how the justice  system dealt with him following his brutal rape that slated him 15 years. He should have been at a minimum been given a life sentence, although for such a despicable crime i would not oppose the death penalty for an individual like that because of how much I detest that crime.

So fail on the way he was sentenced for his first crime.

Secondly, the was a story back in April published in the news about three girls who all disappeared within the same general neighborhood of this man’s home. If that incident wasn’t good enough to clue law enforcement into searching the area, I don’t know what would be. Not to mention, the local neighbors were complaining about a strong aroma that resonated from the man’s house for quite a long time. Seeing as this man had to be in the sex offender registry upon his release in 2005, its amazing that no one was suspicious enough even to check up on his property until a woman came out saying she was beaten and raped by him in October.

Another Fail for not recognizing the developing situation.

Finally, This man was literally within four years of his release from prison. He whats he doing being released without some sort of permanent house arrest. It’s completely disgusting that one can think that 15 years in a jail cell will do anything to change the heart of a rapist. How many more times does this have to happen before people start being a little more concerned about the rights/safety of law-abiding citizens. It’s always the criminals rights we are worried about. It’s never about the dozen people strangled to death by this subhuman monster until after the fact. This is what I mean when I say we are living in an upside down world. My point continues to be made everyday, only we the people of this country can respond to it, though.

Election could be telling of Things to come

Just how strong is the conservative backlash going to be? This election may begin to show us some signs of it. We know people have been fed up. They have displayed their disgust in tea parties all across America in the last several months.

The question becomes, How many people are taking that frustration to the polls today?

In the events leading up to today we have already been clued in on voter sentiment in many states. One of the glaring examples would be the race in New York’s 23rd congressional District where a 3rd party conservative candidate effectively squashed out the republican counterpart who was by all definitions moderate at best in her political views. As a result she found herself polling in third place and subsequently decided to drop out of the race. This puts some pieces in place that I believe can help the republican party in the long run and it is to let go of the so-called moderates in the party. History has shown that when a truly conservative candidate is run, they can win big time.

Another race worth noting is the New Jersey gubernatorial race between Corzine and the republican challenger,  Chris Christie.  Christie has been polling nearly neck and neck with Governor Corzine in what would otherwise be considered a very liberal state. A major factor in this race really is a microcosm of what has been happening at the federal level that last several years. The deficit in New Jersey has gone up every year and consequently taxes have as well. Christie, although he seems to be a fairly liberal republican, has said the magic words in his campaign “cut spending.” On that issue, He is right because as soon as you stop wasteful subsidies you open up a window for the next step, lower people’s taxes. A win in New Jersey for the republican party just a year after Obama was elected would be a big one.

One thing is for sure and the Republican Party should consider this advice if they wish to continue to be a viable player in the future. You can not go wrong with the constitution. It is the foundation by which our government was formed and supposed to operate. Anything outside of those bounds was considered to be tyrannical by our founding fathers. It time to take the lead and stand up on principle rather than to be led and run around offering entitlements.


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