This Country is slowly slipping away

I never thought we’d be looking at an American today so distant from our founding principals. We are witnessing one of the single greatest travesties to be imposed on the American people in the history of this great country. This is a day when an American Flag has to be taken down from a doctor’s office in Texas because its offensive but a Gay prom can take place in a city hall because that’s tolerance. When did it come to this in America and How much more of this will the American people be able to take before we see a substantial backlash??

For many the answer to this question is found in the movement that sparked the tea parties. In April, the nation was swept by a very impressive wave of tea parties that were so numerous that it could not be ignored by the mainstream media. It also drew sarcastic comments from the Obama administration which expressed inherent frustrations with the number of disssenting citizens in the States. It was this wave of patriotism among many that has caught the attention of many of our representetives. It is essential that they do because of the incredible danger due to the current course the administration is putting this country on ranging from the nationalization of health care, to the forcing through of a cap and trade system as well as the proposal for amnesty to illegals in this country.

Regardless of where we find this drive to unite – it is understood that the only way we can get this country back on the right track is through two things: the pressuring of our representetives and our vote in the 2010 election. If we don’t see a dramatic change in the makeup of the Legistlature by 2010 is very possible that America may never return to the way it once was. Since the administration has been in such a rush to pass legislation, there is so much at stake. Whatever bills can be slowed or stopped must be resisted very strongly through calling your representetives, sending out emails and faxes. The bottom line is that we will not be able to afford the proposed course of action this administration is on and therefore it needs to be stopped.

We owe it to so many people to protect and defend the founding prinicpals of this country. Many people in history gave their lives to ensure that this country was as great and as free as it was when we grew up.In the name of these great people we must preserve th greatness of this country. It would be such a diservice to them to let it slip into another big government state. It is also the responsibillity of people today to make sure the freedom we have today is handed down to our children the same way it was given to us. Stand up and fight for this great country. Your children are depending on you…


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