The degeneration of the United States of America

There has been an ongoing effort in this administration to undermine the United States of America and its people. It’s a mentality that continues to warp the minds of many Americans and has swept away most of our politicians. At the rate we are going in this administration I wonder what this country will be like 20 years from now. It’s possible we may no longer be calling this place the United States of America. Everything happening right now is pointing us in a very dangerous direction. Our government has become the largest debtor in the world, the largest entitlement provider, insurance company, and you can go straight down the list. In addition our president has made trips overseas pandering to some of our most volatile enemies. This was not what made America strong in the past and we will suffer the consequences of this.


It began with the taking over of key industries in our economy. General Motors, once one of the largest companies in the world has been destroyed by useless regulation in the name of environmental protection and the demands of the UAW. Prices were raised so much by those demands that it became nearly impossible to compete with foreign car companies. It’s now 70% owned by the federal government and 20% by the UAW. This company was brought down by the government and now it is almost completely owned and operated by the government. Economic policies like this have added a tremndous amount to our national debt and detracted from the qualities that once made this country an economic superpower.


Overseas, our country has effectively been relegated to the level of pandering to the rest of the world. In hoping that by being “nice” and “sticking to our principals” as obama says, that we would successfully win over support  from other countries, we as a country continue to lose credibility and in the meantime gain no respect. I have lost count of the number of apology-pander tours Obama has gone on. Nonetheless our president has gone through another round of apologizing for us and pandering to other countries. He traveled to Saudi Arabia recently and was treated like a king. He was awarded a medal by the Saudi prince. He gave an interview to the French media saying that he believed based on population that the US was the largest muslim country in the world. I can’t believe that I heard this from someone who claims to be president of the United States. CAN ANYONE NAME ME ONE MUSLIM WHO PLAYED A ROLE IN THE FOUNDING OF THIS COUNTRY… NO!!!


What does our president mean when he says this is the largest Muslim country in the world and that we don’t consider ourselves a Christian nation? We are absolutely a nation that was founded on a Judeo-Christian belief system. First of all, there are far more Christians and Jews in this country than Muslims and this president has the audacity to say that we are the largest muslim country. At the same time we have no clue what this man’s background is. He won’t release his birth certificate to certify that he is even from this country.  As far as im concerned this man may not even legitimately be our president. This man is on the side of the enemy and we don’t even know it.  Its my only explanation for how he can pander so well to these radical leaders.


In Egypt, Obama gave a long, boring and overarching address in Cairo, delivered entirely from a teleprompter and contained nothing but verse less rhetoric and apologetic remarks. He spent time talking about the 9/11 attacks and how our response afterwards was contrary to our traditions and ideals.HE kept talking about how we cant forget our principals as Americans. He spoke about the Middle East situation and the need for a Palestinian state and how unjustly they have been treated – last I checked they are the ones launching missiles into Israel for the purpose of killing civilians. He then saw fit to quote what he called, “the holy Koran,” which I found particularly scary because it opened an eerie window into where his allegiance might actually lie. He has professed to be Christian but we have seen examples of him asking for Christian Icons to be covered during his speeches and I know he wouldn’t dare so much as reference the Bible nevermind quote it.


Islam is a religion that professes intolerance of any other faith. In numerous verses, their holy book specifically mentions that non-believers are to be converted or killed. It refers to a literal war.  The Koran is a book of hate and Obama, our president, is over there quoting the Koran!!! It is this mentality amoung our leadership that is killing this country. Just last week we had our first terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. A muslim convert who had gone over to Yemen and attended a jihadist training camp killed one US soldier and seriously wounded another. His specific intentions were to kill more than that. It took four months for this to happen under the new administration. It is this willingness to Compromise our sovereignty as a nation that is emboldening countries against us in the world. We must stop this or we wont have a country left.


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