Obama’s Job Creation Not what its Cracked up to be

A major pillar in the Obama econmic push was job creation under the stimulus package. He claimed his plan would save or create millions of jobs. He never specified whether he’d be saving or creating jobs. It turns out that most of the jobs are going towards summer youth employment  – the least important age bracket for families seeking financial assistance. Let’s face it, Obama is seeking out that age level for a whole host of reasons none of which have the best interests of the American people at heart. It is all about his next campaign and self-promotion.

The first reason Obama seeks this age level out is that these are temporary, low paying jobs. With less money, Obama can employ a high volume of people at lower wages and make it look like he is creating more jobs than he actually is. At a very low cost to the government Obama can promote himself and campaign for himself in future elections. even with that the amount of jobs were talking about creating is only aroudn 150,000 new jobs during this summer. This number pales in comparison to the the 650,000 layoffs that the country has been experiancing monthly.

Secondly I am begining to detect a connection between this and Obama’s  civilian national security force he has hinted at severak times now since his campaign last july. I  was made aware of a website advertising this in North Carilna that really caught my concern a few weeks ago. www.jumpinthejobpool.com These job would focus primarily in community service style oppurtunities and be funded by federal stimulus money. They are also exclusively open for the proclaimed purpose of getting teens of the street. Its seems like it almost requires these people to be in the category of high school dropout level. Basically I would classify it as people most dependent on government to step in and act as their perverbial parents. It’s becoming more of a way to increase the dependency of the population on the government rather than to help make people more independent. Although these are paid opportunities they are certainly not a job that would make much of a difference for families trying to get by.

Its very clear by who’s getting these jobs that the president is not interesting in increasing people’s quality of live. He is not expanding opportunity for those who need it most – unemployed parents/ heads of households. In addition the numbers are so measly for the amount of money that we are being compelled by this administration to spend. This is not change we have been waiting for… this is more of the same garbage we have been dealing with ever since the departure of Reagan. It is of the essence that we as conservatives stand by and call the president out of this. We will not let this bluff Obama calls job creation to pass without our pronounced vocal opposition to this policy.What the hell does save or create jobs mean? How come we aren’t hammering away at this!

Hipocrasy in the Conservative Movement

** Opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the conservative alliance, its members or its subsidiaries**

Ive been doing some research recently on another particular conservative group that exists in the blog world. In the interest of keeping this post professional I will not identify my target in this article but I would like to make a point. I belong to a group of internet radio hosts, which is common for people to organize and work together… because there is more power with numbers. The great thing about the group I am a part of is that we all work together and promote eachother. When that is the way we use groups it becomes almost like a family and really can be an amazing experiance. The oppurtunity to work together with like minded people can truly be exilherating in dark times like these. However not all groups function in this ideal manner. I would like to point out the risks in joining those kind of groups, some of which are blatantly fraudulent in part or in whole.

 I leave most groups alone as long as they leave me alone, dont contact me, etc. This particular group had the audicity to send me this personnal recruitment message (all information that could potentially be associated with the name of this group has been censored:

Are you hungry and want to join with over 200 conservative authors and radio show hosts <censored>! We already have two shows going 7 days per week with a great line up a new host each day. We are quietly recruiting for this new show to run <censored> PM CST that will complete the <censored> Trilogy. I have listened to your show and with your blog, I think you may be a nice fit to host, co-host, or fill-in. Essentially the <censored> unites Conservative thought, voice and Image across this nation. We lift up our Conservative neighbors as they in turn and lift up our efforts. Together we will defeat Socialism and get our Conservative message out there. I am a die hard Conservative Republican who is set on <censored> the GOP and chasing the <censored> out of our party, our government and beloved institutions. Join us and share in the fun! We are praying that our actions and concepts will get attention of advertisers and the American hearts and minds. Join us and <censored>! email me at <censored> if your interested! <censored>.com is our main blog network and where it all began and continues! <censored>

First of all I was able to verify that this exact message word for word was sent to a large number of people in the group I work with, which means he went on to our website and sent out a mass invitation – meaning it really wasn’t a personnal message. The statement that my show or blog was reviewed by anyone was false. Secondly the claim that this is a group of over 200 bloggers is a lie. I investigated the blogroll – there are 201 listed members, 32 of which dont even have blogs. Additionally I could identify several listings that that were clearly not members of this network. It should also be noted that if you decide to register, it automatically inserts your account at the bottom of the list, which balloons the apparent size of the blog network.

This network also claimed that it achieved recognition by a nationally syndicated radio talkshow host, which I found a full exposition of that claim from a reliable blog site. In this interest of not mentioning the name of the network in this articel I cannot link to that post online.. but If you leave a comment with your email address in it.. I would be more that happy to provide you with that link privately.

The bottom line is that as a conservative it is important to remain vigilant. Not all people waving that conservative banner have your best interests in heart – I regret having to say this but its true. The amount of leeway you are given to do what you want as a blogger, show host, etc is a very good indicator in most cases of whether you are in good hands. I have deliberately not mentioned the name of the group and hold nothing against them butI want this post to serve as an ultimatum that they better straighten up. One thing I cannot stand as a conservative is people who misrepresent who we are and what we stand for. If they clean up their act.. than this is the last i will say about it. There will never be any mention of this by me on the air because I feel it is unprofessional… but I felt compelled to blog about it on my own personnal blog for one reason: I want integrity and straightforwardness to be indentified with the conservative movement. In a country dominated by such a liberal news media, misrepresenters are used to make us all look bad. I hope my disclaimer at the top of the page was clear enough..

God Bless you and God Bless America – Conservative Underground

Climate Change – Where do the regulations end?

The issue of climate change and various measures surrounding it have repeatedly surfaced over the years. Poltical Leaders have invented a science that slates our daily life processes as weights on our very fragile environment. Having established that, they have been able to run away with a whole host of issues imposing restrictions that hinder our personnal lives, while filling the abyss we call the elitist government’s wallet. They have targetted a range of things including food production, home electricity cost and fuel efficiency among others. These myriad of targets now include some stunning new categories. Global Warming, this issues that surround it, and the various regulations that have ensued all add up to one thing, a massive government ponsey scheme.

The first of category is color. Apparently the exterior color of buildings and cars has some impact on the ability for them to  regulate internal climates. The governement has recemmended the use of white exteriors because it reflects heat and therefore during the summer, the air condition would not have to work as hard to keep the climate cool. In California, black cars have been banned for that very reason. The president is now pushing towards the weatherizing of homes so that they function in a more environmentally friendly manner. As with all aspect of this phony science they are missing a few details. In most of the US, we also have a season many people would identify as winter. If white reflects heat, than the same would be true in the winter time. The color would minimize the absorbtion of any heat on very cold days and require the heat to work much harder to bring the temperature up.

President Obama feels that he is setting the example by volunteering several building to undergoe a whitening of their roofs. If anyone believes for a second that changing the color of a car or building could somehow have an impact of the progressing climate situation, than you dont belong in this country. Such a change would have no impact on carbon dioxide concentrations which have a myriad of other natural factors that remove it from the air induding rain, storage in plants and photosynthetic processes. One again this is an another example of our government lashing out at the american people who cannot take anymore financial weight.

We continue on the tear path by cruching busnesses across the country with cap and trade, a system that would made carbon emissions, the very air you breathe out, a taxable entity. There would be a national cap on the amount of carbon diozide that can be released per bussiness. If a bussiness was below that margin they can supposedly sell that credit to another bussiness that wont make the cut. This will cripple industry in this country because of the astoundingly low cap that would be placed on businesses. They be more concerned about spending money to comply with federal regulations rather than to do their jobs done. Private businesses would be rendered in the red (bankrupt) adding to that infamous unemployment rate that our president has continued to shrug off for several months now.

The government is also planning on coercing people into driving less frequently. Our president has already announced new retrictions on the size and fuel efficiency of new cars being released on the market. In addition to  new cars being increasingly dangerous because of the amount of power they sacrifice for fuel efficiency people are now being expected to drastically cut down on the miles they drive in day-to-day life. Proposes ways of enforcing this include a method of taxing people based on the number of miles they drive, which has already been tested in a couple of different states. That would accomplished by using a built in GPS system in the car and would essentially track every square inch of road you cover when you drive. The hope would be that people opt to ride their bicycles or take public transportation.

 In a nutshell, the government’s continued push for the regulations will be a distastor for our economy. It is a massive power grab that limits the freedom of us as individuals and private businesses. This literally would be a mugging of the private sector. They have used the enviroment as a foot in the door to regulating just about every aspect of our lives. We can’t go anywhere anymore without being told what kind of lightbulbs we have to use, what kind and color cars we can drive, the amount of time we can drive for, how much water we can have in our toilets and the kind of food we can eat. this is just the begining of this mess. The government is using this as a massive source of income off us. It will impovierish society in the name of the biggest fraud ever to hit this country. I say enough!!!! NO MORE!!!!

New Supreme court Activist appointed

President Barack Obama has officially nominated a new Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor, and as expected its affirmative action driven. It’s been all over the news now about that this is the first Hispanic to ever serve on the Supreme Court and how she is one of two women who will be serving on the high court among the nine, aside from Ginsburger  and that she is the third woman in history. Those stats are all well and good but that’s not why we nominate people to serve on the Supreme Court. The court is not some popularity contest and there is no reason to seek out one race or gender over another. This is a panel that is supposed to exist to uphold the constitution of the United States, not merely reflect the population percentages.

Over the years the court has evolved into a venue for political activism. There are currently no checks on decisions made by the Supreme Court by other branches of government. It can also be noted that justices serve on the court are for life. It is the result of this job security that they have grown to carry a tremendous amount of influence on public policy. A president generally favors justices who are most inlign with party platforms rather than looking for the one who will respect our constitution. As a result we have watched the repeated butchering of our constitution through  landmark supreme court decisions. The idea that one would select a justice based on race or gender is so repulsive to me – it detracts from everything this court was meant for.

Sonia Sotomyer has been an activist herself. Prior to her nomination she has been working as an appellatre court justice and has proven to be a judge with an agenda. She has presided over a number of cases that involve her opposition to life, her favor of gun control – a direct violation of the second ammendment, and her support for illegal immigration. She is idealogically the perfect justic for Obama because she is young and fits the typical minority stereotype that he was looking for.

This whole idea that the makeup of the court has to represent our population distribution and that in order to be fair we must conform that way is an atrocity. Merely the fact that this nominee was a Hispanic woman made her more qualified than anyone else being considered. How does that ensure we have the most qualified nominee? It doesn’t. This is the product of affirmative action in our country which has plagued the job market for a few decades. Now it’s affecting the selection of supreme court justices. We all of a sudden need a hispanic because of our rapidly increasing illegal alien population. The good news out of this is that the court idealogical makeup will not be cahnged. We still have the same number of leftists and conservatives.

Democrats Revamping Censorship Efforts

Over the last several days, lawmakers have been stirring up the issue of enforcing censorship requirements in the broadcast media, particularly talk radio. Most of them realize that a measure imposing censorship would stand a good chance of being struck down as uncostitutional. That fear is not stopping them. the democrats are seeking a back door venue that would attack this through the abuse of the government’s ability to regulate content. At this point the FCC has retrictions on what can be broadcast as far as obscene material is concerned. This back door move would attack stations on two fronts.

 The first of which would involve requiring stations to produce more local programming. Many stations are associated with large networks which simulcasts national programming for a large part of the day over hundreds of affiliates across the country. This is the way talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and others have grown their shows and become natoinal sensations. The idea behind requiring more local programing is that this would break up most of the nationally syndicated talk shows as stations struggle to meet the local content requirements.

The second attack would set up various local broadcast accountability boards which would essentially be responsible for censoring all local content that’s being broadcast. This would be effective by using the FCC licenses as amunition. They would require that permits to be renewed every 2 years and the accountability boards would enforce policies. The local boards would act as the equivalent of spy agencies, or as I would like to say “minions” of the government. They would be organized and appointed by the government and would report any stations that are broadcasting shows that express disdain for the government.

The prospect that censorship of this magnitude could wind up as a part of this country is terrifying. It has been obvious that the left has made known their dislike of the talk radio media outlets, which conservatives have dominated since the late 80’s, when the industry was revolutionized by Rush Limbaugh. Most conservative thinkers have abandoned other media outlets because of the liberal tilt many of them have. Talk radio is the only venue, aside from the internet where like-minded conservatives can exchange their ideas and beliefs and unite. The thinking on the left is that if they can cut off the venue by which conservatives get information out, than they have the potential of beating the movement into submission. That is the reason why they are looking to expand regulation of free speech to the internet as well.

The battle for free speech in this country is going to come to a climax very soon and its impacts in either directions will come in swiftly and be long lasting. Conservatives no longer can sit and wait for the next election, the time to act is now. Represenatives in our government need to be bombarded with phone calls, email and letters on this issue because it is essential to the freedom of the people of this country. The magnitude of the reforms the left wants to introduce are beyond radical. If you care about your children, if you care about yourself you must stand up for free speech or you’ll lose it. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be protected and handed down for them to do the same or you and I will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States, where men were free.”


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