Health Care on strategic fast track

In hopes to quell debate over Obama’s complete restructuring of our health care system through a procedure known as reconciliation. This would make it impossible for the Republicans to filibuster its passage. It also prevents them from having much of a say in the makeup of the legislation. In addition reconciliation would slate the passage of this bill to take up no more than 35 hours combined in both houses. Is this the way they handle a piece of legislation that composes 17 percent of the budget? There absolutely no attempt by the Democrats to encourage bipartisanship and I thought they were the ones who were always screaming about that during the Bush years. 

With their backs against the wall, Republicans plan to disrupt this by attempting to attach amendments to the bill that would be very unappealing to Democrats. Its really the last glimmer of hope they have in this. Obama, who claimed he wanted a bipartisan debate, said that reconciliation would only be used if they deemed the republican opposition to be obstructive to the process rather than constructive. Have we ever had a president more full of crap this this one?  Tomorrow is debt day. Which means that every dollar your government spends for the rest of the fiscal year is borrowed money! Whats more alarming is that debt day is coming 3 months earlier this year than it came last year.

Wednesday is the 100 day mark in Obama’s embarrassing presidency. He hopes to have the health care bill on his desk by then so he can do a ceremonial signing on that day. In addition, he has requested an hour from the media, to give his little propaganda address. What are we in.. Venezuela? The whole thing is so sickening. This can’t continue much longer. We wont have a country left. 

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