Healing from the Political Scourges in Orlando’s wake

Here we are in America with flags flying half staff again because of terrorist mass murder of innocents on our own soil. It’s a scene we’re becoming too accustomed to in this great nation. For much of our recent past America has lead the world on human rights, liberty, and economic opportunity. The last two decades have been unacceptable, and no American should stand for it. We have a president complicit with terrorism being our norm, and it’s time for a change. If you cannot, with conviction, acknowledge the dangers Islamism poses to western civilization, it’s time to go.  Read more of this post

Small Town Values in a Big City World

Small towns take the heaviest toll when governments are fiscally irresponsible. Governments take them for granted. Small populations mean there are fewer votes available to the governing elite. This is a pathway to their disenfranchisement. As the size of the central government increases and the power of the purse is used more and more to secure votes, small towns cease to matter.  Read more of this post

Learning From Man’s Greatest Sin: Betrayal

So much of our history has been purged. honestly how can we prevent the bad things from happening again if we don’t even look back to them.
Benedict Arnold almost destroyed this country. He accomplished with a relatively small amount of men what most British generals couldn’t achieve with much larger numbers.

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A Bizarre False Equivalence

Let me be very clear on something. There’s this strange movement of condescension toward Trump opposers being promoted by big names in the media. If you are a nominee, it is your job to implore me to vote for you. If you are the nominee and your goal is unity, it is your job to initiate the movement towards unity. If you don’t do that, you risk falling short of your goal. Read more of this post

The GOP is Dead to Me

If Donald Trump wins the general election he’ll be doing so without my vote. If Hillary Clinton wins the general election she’ll be doing so without my vote. Principles matter. I’ve been going along with the party recommended nominee for my entire voting career. Let me do a little recall of how that’s worked out.

  1. 2008 – John McCain
    1. Result: lost to Obama
  2. 2012 – Mitt Romney
    1. Result: lost to Obama
  3. 2016 – Donald Trump
    1. Result: TBD and I’m not voting for him

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