Hunger Games: Donald Sutherland fuzzy with his Reading Comprehension


The new sensation out there is the book series by Suzanne Collins. It’s called “The Hunger Games.” In an interview with ABC news, the man who plays the President of Panem in the movie, Sutherland compared the narrative as synonymous with the occupy movement vs the republicans. A funny and very fuzzy understanding of the movie at best.

You can watch his appearance courtesy of here. Read more of this post

The HHS Mandate and the First Amendment

The first amendment battle in this country is starting to become more and more apparent as I observe some of the political discourse in this country. It is imperative that people recognize it’s significance or this will become another right, one of our most important ones,  that dissolves in the front of our eyes.

The impetus toward addressing this topic now is result of the religious freedom attack coming directly from the Barack Obama health care plan who’s HHS mandate directly violates conscience laws of individuals in this country. Read more of this post

The Occupy Wall Street Movement and Its Dangerous Connections

Racism, antisemitism, or just plain old hatred, do you really believe the Occupy Movements were completely separate from all of that? What haven’t they done to prove that they are not a people of values or morals? Here’s one example out of countless instances of flat out immoral and unethical behavior. It’s rampant and it’s chaotic.

The movement has also secured some incredibly reputable endorsements including Hugo Chavez, the communist party of china, various revolutionary socialist and communist organizations, and now extreme racist/hate monger David Duke. Read more of this post

NYC residents angry at OWS: “They are defecating on our doorsteps!” | The Right Scoop

The Constitution of the United States gives citizens the right to peaceably assemble, to protest, to redress grievances against government among many things. The whole idea from our founders stems from a strong inclination toward individual liberty.

A person’s freedom however does not extend to a point in which it infringes on the freedom of another individual. That’s where the idea of a limited government comes in, as a way of enforcing laws to preserve an individual’s rights. Read more of this post

Is this the America our Founders Envisioned? Where does it end?

I’m just wondering if anyone can recall a promise Obama  has kept from his campaign yet? He just announced yesterday that he is putting everything on the table, including increasing taxes on middle class families. I thought the economy had gotten better, I thought the stimulus worked. More and more he is proving that he and his posse are incapable of leadership and do not have a winning path to improving this economy. Things have only gotten worse since he took office, and he continues to come out and say that he is going to continue in the direction that has already lost us millions of jobs in the last year. Read more of this post


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