You Decide: Was Isaac Guest Fired from Work Unjustly?

We now have both sides of the story. We pieced together a story involving the firing of Isaac Guest a week ago. You can read more about it here, but in short, he says he was terminated for a series of write-ups involving medical absences associated with his wife. This culminated an an interview we shared with him on Episode 251 – Alpine Follow Up where we tried to clarify some holes we saw in the story. Read more of this post

Devil’s Advocate? Maybe Not..Bill’s View on the Abortion Issue

Devil’s advocate? Maybe not..Depends on your viewpoint I suppose. I was reading Ryan’s article on this issue tonight and I felt like I might need to follow suit in clarifying my position on this whole Abortion issue and lay it to rest. First and foremost, I am against Abortion and I agree with Herman Cain’s actual stance on it! I believe in the sanctity of life, I am a father of two boys that I love dearly!  I am also against any Federal “Law of the Land” imposing that it’s legal and funding it but I better clear my stance up on this cause I don’t want anyone getting confused… Read more of this post


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