Obama’s State of the Union, or Disillusion

There’s this chain message swirling around the facebook status reports and I think it essentially does summarize everything Obama said in his address last night in a series of factually incorrect or misdirected bullet points. There’s an incredible amount of disinformation to digest, none of it was unanticipated, but some of it was so old and debunked it was hard to believe the president had the audacity to bring it up in a joint session speech. I’ll take this little message point by point. It essentially claims that Obama: Read more of this post

UNAMERICAN: SOPA,Internet IP Protection and other Internet Censorship

Thought I’d make myself clear on my stand on the proposed SOPA and other Internet censorship bills that are being introduced and muled over in Congress.

For one: It’s NOT American and stands against the Constitution.

It takes away from our freedom of Speech and I bet a few more rights. Read more of this post

Red State Diary: Iowa Caucus makes history, The Field is Changing

The Following article is available in it’s entirety here

Iowa has always had one of the most interesting styles of voting during the nomination process, and the attention it gets each election cycle is remarkable. We spend months leading up to the race with our heads spinning over which polls to trust and who’s the front runner at the moment the news feeds last updated. However, until this point, no meaningful votes are actually cast. Read more of this post

Republican Primary, Crunchtime and How this all matches up to Barack Obama

The back and forth in the polls during this republican primary races has been incredible during the last 6 months. We’ve seen a variety of front runners, many of whom seemed to be convincing leaders at the time, but we’re still trying to digest what the real substance of our movement will end up being. The choices aren’t actually brilliant. We sit on the cusp of one of the most important elections of our time and we don’t have a united message. That could be a potentially major problem in the weeks to come. Read more of this post

Individual Rights versus Public Order in America

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The American criminal justice system is constantly faced with balancing rights of individual and the need for public order. While the criminal justice system must uphold the rights that we are granted it must also protect it’s citizens. This balancing act is represented by two opposing groups, individual-rights advocates and public-order advocates. Our text defines individual-rights advocates are “those who seek to protect the personal freedoms within the process of criminal justice”. It defines public-order advocates as “those who believe that under certain circumstances involving criminal threat to public safety, the interests of society should take precedence over individual rights” (Schmallenger 6). Many laws and regulations have been put into place to balance the two opposing groups throughout the history of American. Read more of this post


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