The Divine Rights of Man

One of Thomas Jefferson’s most iconic and frequently recited lines in the declaration of independence is “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal…” There’s something very significant about the wording Jefferson chose. He didn’t say that men were born equal, he said created. The concept of equality is even more fundamental and some ways very different from the way people understand it. Read more of this post

Gosnel Avoids the Death Penalty – My Take

We face an incredible force of evil in this world. The explanation for it is simple, man fell and therefore man has a proclivity towards sin. Morality isn’t exactly going to wind up in the middle of some pop culture revival anytime soon. The truth of the matter is that innocent life in this country is going to find greater intersections with evil as time goes on, because much of it has become institutionalized. Read more of this post

Conversation: It’s The American Way

I have found over the years that I look with higher favorability on those who have substantive disagreements with me than those who simply agree with everything I say. Maybe that makes me strange, but the honest truth is that simple agreement by itself I find very unflattering if people don’t understand why they think a certain way. I also approach it from the perspective that there is a possibility that I am wrong. If you’re simply surrounded by “yes-men” how will you ever find a way to reason out your own beliefs. Read more of this post

2012 Election Spells A New Tone For Conservatives

Government exists for a fundamental purpose: The Protection of life, The Preservation of liberty, and the Promise of opportunity.

If any one of these is deficient, then it ceases to be just in the eyes of God. Freedom is the central fiber of our moral being. It so valuable because gives us the ability to choose good through our own consciousness. It also grants us the capacity to be forgiven when we fall. Read more of this post

Bill’s 2 Cents: Post 2012 Election Thoughts

Well, We did what we could, 1/2 the country voted for Obama & 1/2 for Romney. The country is divided like never before since the Civil War in my opinion (in terms of which direction it was to go, Awaiting the racist/secession remarks!) but today we have 4 more years of O-Man and Congress is the same and will remain that way for 2 years at least. Go look at stock trading from today, FUN!

Makes you wonder who’s really paying attention and who’s not. Bet I got an accurate amount to show for it all!

Time to rile up people like always, Some won’t like it and some of you may agree. Read more of this post


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