You Decide: Was Isaac Guest Fired from Work Unjustly?

We now have both sides of the story. We pieced together a story involving the firing of Isaac Guest a week ago. You can read more about it here, but in short, he says he was terminated for a series of write-ups involving medical absences associated with his wife. This culminated an an interview we shared with him on Episode 251 – Alpine Follow Up where we tried to clarify some holes we saw in the story.

Before the show today, we reached out to the PR department for the Alpine Access company. It’s absolutely foolish to take a recently fired employee at his word, and we absolutely have no intention of doing this. We picked up this story because of the severity of the charge, and yes we are willing to give people a voice. We are a small show with a relatively small audience, so it’s a courtesy to offer a platform to people that may not be able to make the large media outlets. We decided to explore the story. Alpine responded promptly with a press release that confirmed many of the questions that were raised with Isaac’s accusations. You can read their response here.

Now here’s what I think based on the above. I was looking for consistency in Isaac’s interview. We did not tell him about the press release from Alpine before we went on the air intentionally. I wanted to check his account against Alpine’s and know that it was uninfluenced by their own statement.

There were some discrepancies that I noted during the course of the interview. For one, it felt like rather than this guy having this enormously compelling storyline a week after he got fired from his job, that we really spent a lot more time trying to bring unmentioned details of the story out of him. It took a series of questions for him to finally indicate that he had some absences outside of the time he was concerned about (i.e. being affected by the May thunderstorm outbreak). He also characterized the “overhaul” within the company on a conflicting timeline (at the beginning of the show he said it was in July, when he talked about the thunderstorms he said in happened in May). He also seemed apprehensive about lawyering up which came off as odd because if his account of the story was really true, he’d stand to make some sort of settlement. He seemed more worried about attorney costs which he’d be unaffected by. He was also fired three weeks after his last “reported” absence.

At this point I’m beginning to think that Alpine made efforts to help Isaac resolve a more endemic performance problem and determined that it was just not worth the effort any more. I’m not going to get any more detailed then that. In summary we have Isaac who says he was fired as a result of this company’s mishandling of his medical-related absences, and Alpine which says he missed hundreds of hours and despite making the effort to help him out, he did not meet their standards.

We also had a guest commenter who pointed this detail out during the show tonight:

Guest “I work for Alpine, and we all signed a form saying we were at will employees. He could be terminated for any reason”

Having laid all of this in front of you we ask the question again:

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7 Responses to You Decide: Was Isaac Guest Fired from Work Unjustly?

  1. Bill McMicheals says:

    A comment from the poll:

    Amanda – 1 hour ago

    I think that posting this poll on the Alpine Access Sucks Facebook page is going to alter the results a bit because of the “Angry Grandpa” army which will no doubt come in to vote yes. A lot of them don’t really read the facts or think of the issue objectively, they will no doubt do what the Angry Grandpa instructs.

    I personally marked No, and I hope people voting in this poll will mark based on their true opinion after reviewing the information provided.

  2. Chris says:

    I agree with Amanda. There is always two sides to each story. Angry Grandpa and his “Army” will follow because they are friends of Isaac. Alpine wouldn’t do nothing to harm someone’s job unless they were doing bad in metrics.

    The clients and Alpine can see the Metrics and if you are doing bad (Long calls, transfer, hold time, after call wrap use) they will terminate you for that if you don’t improve, they give you at least 5-6 months, then they terminate you. Remember, you are AT WILL here. They gave him 5+ months, and he didn’t improve. So, he got canned.

  3. A says:

    I did want to say thanks again for posting both sides of the story. I had to work last night so missed the time slot, but I just got finished with listening to the full story. I agree with the majority of the poll. There are just too many cracks in the story. As you all mentioned, the press will definitely pick this up, and the truth will come out.

  4. Andrew says:

    I said no because I’ve heard both sides of the story … working for Alpine Access I know for fact that the company isn’t heartless. I was granted 10 days personal time after the loss of my child, but then again I didn’t miss a single day of work, never left early, and was always there to pick up extra shifts. You have to have MULTIPLE write ups before Alpine fires you …. Issac needs to be an adult about this and take responsibilty for his OWN wrong doing …. Quit blaming the company for your mistakes! Really GROW UP!

  5. Uglymouse says:

    I have worked for Alpine for over 4 years. I have never had an issue with them. I know they do fire people, but it is after several warnings. There is a written policy of how the process goes. He needs to take responiblility for his own actions. If he was doing his job incorrect, or he had been warned before he knows he was on the line.
    When I have had deaths in my family I was given time off, I wasn’t paid, but was given time off. When I had to have an emergency csection, my supervisor called right away to make sure I was okay.
    Alpine does have some issues, but for the most part they are a fair company, and if you are not doing your job, and keep missing work, just like with any job you will lose it.

  6. tweety says:

    Also with Alpine you have a time bank, and as long as you have time in your time bank, and you call out your are fine. I wonder what is time bank looked like. He had to have other warnings that he was low. I don’t think he is telling the whole truth, he needs to own up to what he has done, and the other issues he has had with his supervisors.

  7. Nas62886 says:

    What Isaac fails to mention is the fact that he should have been terminated months and months ago due to a “Tech Issue” he was supposedly having where he failed to show up for work for about 3 weeks consecutively and failed to inform his immediate supervisor or contact workforce management to let them know he was going to be out.

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