Statement from Alpine Access

We received this statement from Alpine Access this evening:

“Mr. Guest is a former employee with Alpine Access who was terminated on November 15, 2011 for performance and numerous attendance issues (hundreds of hours outside of those contested by Mr. Guest).  There are attendance and performance-related criteria associated with Mr. Guest’s employment position at Alpine Access that he was expected to meet.  Mr. Guest was provided with sufficient time (5+ months) and counseling in an effort to improve his performance and attendance issues to meet those objective criteria.  Unfortunately, Mr. Guest was unsuccessful in meeting the performance and attendance expectations of his position at Alpine Access and he was separated from his employment as a result.”
“We understand that Mr. Guest is alleging that his employment with Alpine Access was terminated as a result of absences he incurred that were associated with unfortunate incidences related to his wife.  Mr. Guest’s allegations are completely false and defamatory.   It is absurd to think that a 13-year old, family-oriented Company with over 5000 employees would treat one of its own in such an uncompassionate, heartless manner.”
“We wish Mr. Guest and his family the very best going forward.”
Folks, I think we have gotten to the bottom of this story. I spoke with one of the media relations people around 7:30 Eastern time this evening.
Alpine Access is an A rated company by the Better Business Bureau, and has loyally served it’s respective clients. We also receive comment from a former Alpine Employee talking about what a great company it is.

I have my doubts for sure. I have worked for the company for a while and I haven’t had a bad experience. Of course, now I will be called one of those that were paid by the company to post here. The show from yesterday did mention that you researched on Google. You treat that as legitimate? 99% of people that post their comments on the Internet are disgruntled people. By no means am I making light of his situation, it really is a tragedy about his wife’s miscarriage.

I would want to know how many points he already had on his record for showing up late, or being absent without previous notice. The points that you can get before you are fired are higher than just missing two days. Or, also, how was his performance at his job? Was he able to focus on his job during his work hours and not constantly jumping off the phones to deal with other things? Again, not being cruel, but it is hard to separate home life when you work at home especially if your significant other is home at the same time. Alpine is a regular job, you just work from home. You can’t just pop off at various times because you have things to do. Just as a brick and mortar job, that would leave the business having to make up for your hours.

Folks, Isaac has given his story, Here’s Alpine’s. I thank Alpine Access for their prompt response.

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I am a graduate of Stony Brook University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. I am an avid weather enthusiast and Red Sox fan. I humbly try to spread goodness and positivity to all those I meet.

21 Responses to Statement from Alpine Access

  1. Current Alpine Employee says:

    Thank you for posting both sides of this. I work for Alpine, and they are a fantastic company. It is sad that people are trying to tear down a good company that is offering an employment opportunity to people from their homes. It’s great for people who go to school, single parents, and anyone that may just feel more comfortable working from home.

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  3. I am a current employee with Alpine Access also and I am not afraid to put my name when I say this. There are serious flaws with operating procedure that completely and totally undercut the human face of the workforce and degrade it to “Strictly Numbers”. I would be happy anytime to talk about these issues with you.

    • Ryan G says:

      that’s fine. We are not looking to be a forum for people’s complaints about the company. We had one case which if was true would have put them in violation of the law. Nothing else to this point has even come close to indicating that. This is not the right place to air general frustrations and criticisms with the company.

  4. Ryan,

    I can vouch for the fact that their “Metrics” are bogus and over half of the work force is below their unrealistic metrics. I realize that your mind is made up on the issue in question however one of the prime reasons they cited in their press release is something that they could easily cite for 60%+ of the entire work force.


  5. By the way they are also active in union busting of which I have filed a formal complaint on and I have a mountain of documentation on.

    • Ryan G says:

      understandable, but I will say again that this is not the place to be airing those kind of complaints. Take it to court. There was one issue I was willing to take up – it’s nice that you have grievances, but we’re not going to turn this website into a single issue forum. This company offers people jobs, and people can decide to go work somewhere else if necessary. Having an opportunity to work from home is a privilege, not a right – and they are very clear in the onset of all contracts that job security is not guaranteed.

  6. I’m sorry I read the top portion of this website incorrectly: Comments,Complaints,Stories? CALL US: 1 (828) 237-1227

    You are clearly a dunderhead.

    • Ryan G says:

      apparently you did read it wrong.. because it says to call the number, LOL

      Sir I understand there are still issues – I have done all I can to get both sides of this story out – even Isaac agreed we gave him a fair opportunity. For this story to go further it requires legal action on his part. I will not take the role of advocating on behalf of a story like this when there are legitimate holes in his arguments. I refuse to become a forum for disgruntled employees – you may have legitimate, actionable complaints – but this is just not the place for it.

      • So you post a story but aren’t interested in comments which validate complaints. HELLO?!

      • They cited his metrics. A huge majority of the workforce doesn’t meet those metrics.

      • Ryan G says:

        fair enough, and that’s true with most jobs I have ever worked in – but that’s only a small part of what they cited – and the other info is locked up unless this case gets opened up in front of a court of law. If he has a case, he needs to do that – until then my opinion stands.

  7. By the way, the apprehension about involving a lawyer…unlawful terminations are NOT big payouts. (You get your job back and back pay.) They drag out forever. The company has unlimited resources.

    You ignorance on the subject is suffocating.

  8. Bill McMicheals says:

    OK, My two cents nobody asked for: Isaac has said his piece on the matter, this was Alpine Access’s response. We are leaving this story to be decided to the listeners and readers. Ryan speaks his mind, Joe you have spoken about the Union Busting, which Isaac spoke about some tonight. We have others speaking out about Alpine good and bad. As for the union busting story…. that is a different issue. Isaac has my email address so does the PR folks at Alpine. Isaac deserved his time tonight and was given a platform to do such. Joe, I understand your complaint and you are not the 1st one to contact us about it. My opinion is undecided, I only hope the best for Isaac and his family and I hope this matter will someday be resolved, either with or without the courts. Joe, in most cases your right on the payout deal, just depends on the lawyer and how far Alpine or Isaac is willing to go. I will personally keep up with this story. If folks want to unionize that work for Alpine that’s great but then again it will depend on a majority of the employees and Alpine. Not a select few. Been through that before and been apart of a union. I know how this works. I know in my home state, this is a Right -to-Work State (N.C.) I also don’t think people can be fired (or should be) if they want to try to unionize. Again, that is a separate issue that doesn’t involve Isaac. Unless he forgot to tell us that. Good luck and let’s stay civil here.-Bill

  9. Kimberly says:

    This seems fishy. I feel for the loss of a child but this story doesn’t click.
    Yes, I do work for Alpine and no they don’t pay me to say anything. Yes I will defend a company that has treated me fairly over the course of a year.
    Last year I ran into issues with my home PC. It died. During the time when it began to show signs of it’s age, I missed a lot of time, had a lot of technical issues. Alpine worked with me as I kept them informed of everything.
    My home had a lot of power outages due to bad wiring, causing me to miss a lot of time. I kept them up to date on everything. Alpine worked with me when they didn’t have to.
    My PC finally died. Because I had kept constant communication open with them, Alpine worked with me.
    They provided me an unpaid leave of absence so i could acquire another PC without losing more time and risking termination. AGAIN, Alpine worked with me.
    No they couldn’t give me back the position I had held prior. You cannot hold a position open when the job needs to be done. I’m realistic about this. But when I did get a new PC. I applied for another position and went back to work with them. Why? Alpine worked with me.

    I am a 25 year vet in the workforce. A call center, whether you are in brick and mortar or working from home, is a call center. You have very strict metrics and guidelines to follow. With AA it differs in the fact that the “Metrics” are set by the clients, so not all Employees have the same metrics.
    When you work from home, you are your own administrator. YOU do your paperwork, YOU are responsible for your work environment, your hours.
    IF you are asked to adhere and contact via emails, leaving voice mails and sending faxes, that’s your responsibility.
    There is NOTHING that isn’t electronically tracked. IF you sent faxes, you have fax confirmations.
    IF you sent emails, YOU have electronic copies in your own inbox as well as printable. IF you leave voice mails, they should always be backed up with an email. IF you sent them something via mail or Fed-EX YOU have receipts. 1 year later, I still have every single piece of correspondence with my employer. Common sense. ESPECIALLY working so far from your employer.
    Knowing Alpine as I do, they are a professional company with over 5000 employees. They are not a cut rate internet scam. They conduct their business professionally.
    So it would seem, this is one person’s side of the story. There is always going to be his, hers and the truth. But if you have the documentation, you have no reason to be filming yourself and airing it out on the web. Follow due process and you can’t go wrong.

  10. Isa says:

    I have been working for Alpine for almost 2 years…. you do what you are suppose to and follow proper process and show up on time…and it is great…..time off is a little difficult to get,,, but no worse that real brick and mortar job. I live in the country and it would take me 30 minutes to get to work if I did not work from home. I love working at home for Alpine..

  11. tweety says:

    I listened to the broadcast with Mr. Guest, and some of the things he said I have not seen in 4 years. I have had the same team leads for 4 years. He is not talking about the whole company, The whole company does not change up the teams, it may be the line he is on with high turn over.
    Also, Alpine was aware of the power issues, and an email was sent out they would work with agents that were affected.

  12. Current Employee says:

    If a CEO isn’t a good CEO then the board votes him out. If a call center guy isn’t a good representative then he gets fired. So simple but everyone has made it a big deal. I am glad that there is movement of support for Isaac’s story. For each person that joins his cause, like mentally insane grandpa has, then I can pick out the delusional idiots that I need to stay away from. I quote Judge Judy, “If it doesn’t make sense then it isn’t true.”

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  14. ML says:

    All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for external reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration.

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