Noah: Serpent Good, Creator Evil

I’m not sure if the fact the movie “Noah” opened on the weekend closest to April 1st would make it qualify as the greatest cinematic April fools prank in history. Either way it fooled a disproportionately large amount of people into thinking this was an artistically licensed telling of a well known biblical story.  Read more of this post

Connecticut Government Silent in Face of Grave Human Right’s Crisis

Is it possible for a government in the United States of America to flagrantly steal more than a year of someone’s childhood? I certainly never thought it possible. Justina Pelletier had a mitochondrial disease diagnosis she was seeking treatment for as Tuft’s university medical center. Read more of this post

A great Lenten Meditation

Franciscan Friars of the Renewal – A great meditation as lent begins.

What Makes America Beautiful

I can’t think of a more quintessentially American sport in the modern day than football. When the Super Bowl is on during the year, it has the undivided attention of more people in this country than any other sporting event. As a result, it has become a wildly commercialized event. The halftime show, the commercials – all the non-football, pop culture related things that surround the game and make it so different.  Read more of this post

Public Schools In Connecticut Probing Electricity Bills of Student’s Families

What is the purpose of education in this country? Is it to prepare children with the knowledge in the real world, or is it just another political stool? If parents don’t start stepping up, it will quickly become more of the latter.  Read more of this post


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